Friday, April 16, 2010

Fat Fighting Friday Week 8!!

I hope you are all going over to my friend, Kim's, blog on Thursdays. She is the inspiration for me doing these Fat Fighting Friday posts.
Okay, so I was really excited this morning when I got on the scales and they said 1_3! Now, that's only 4 pounds down from where I started 8 weeks ago. That's only .5 of a pound a week!!! At this rate, I'll be too old to care by the time I reach my goal. Let me tell you, there will come a day when I say, "I don't want that salad, chicken, tuna, apple, etc...... I want that hot fudge cake, apple frittata, peach cobbler, etc...."
When my mom doesn't want to eat anything but her desert, I'm like "Okay, you can eat whatever you want!!" Last night, she asked me if she HAD to eat her supper at all. I said, "Mother, you get to decide for yourself whether you want to eat or not." She said, "Then, I don't want to eat." So there!! She was a little upset to her stomach. Some days she wants everything they have and still wants more! Let It Be!!!
I guess I've digressed somewhat, huh? I'm not supposed to be talking about my mother's weight issues, but I'd rather talk about hers than mine!!!
On the Fat Fighting Front ------ I went out to eat with my friend for lunch on Wednesday. I ordered a hamburger and chips. I asked for a take-home box when I ordered. I cut the burger in half and put it and half of the chips in the box right away. OKAY, I know that a burger wasn't the best choice, but I can't remember the last burger I ate.
My husband and I have eaten roasted veggies, chicken, fruit, popcorn, more roasted veggies, more fruit, etc..... all week so I didn't feel too guilty.
I need to figure out a good schedule for eating. I'm usually running up to the last minute before it's time to go feed my mom lunch, so I don't eat before I go. By the time I'm finished and run the errands I need to run, it's really too late to eat lunch, so I usually have a banana or something like that. Therefore, I'm usually starving (HA! LIKE I WOULD EVEN KNOW HOW THAT FEELS!) by supper time. We eat a healthy supper, and then I want to graze all evening. NOT GOOD!
I didn't mention breakfast. I usually eat something like a slice of whole grain toast, unless my husband is in the mood to cook. Yesterday, he made omelets with left over asparagus and onions, YUMMY!

I need to pump up the walking! I've walked several times this week, and I've gotten faster each time.
I need to get on some kind of normal schedule. I could eat before I go to feed Mother.

We went to the funeral home last night for the young man I told you about in my last post. There were so many young people there. It was so sad. There aren't words to express the feeling. Tonight we are going to the funeral home for one of our parents' friends who died of cancer. I hope not to have to do that again for a while!

Our 40th class reunion is tomorrow night. We are going to decorate this afternoon. I've got lots of stuff to do before then. I'm supposed to make a cd of 60s music to play while we mingle, etc.... I painted a Tornado (which was our mascot), but I don't like how it looks so I'm going to do it over. I don't yet have shoes or jewelry to wear to the reunion. I'll probably end up wearing some I've already got. I doubt that anyone will notice or even care what I have on. I did get a pedicure, manicure, and a hair trim yesterday. I could just walk around with my hand in front of my face and go barefooted!!! LOL
Tonight and tomorrow night my cousin's wife is going to spend the night with us. Tomorrow, her nephew and his fiance are having a pre-wedding reception/shower. We're going to that, then to the reunion, then to the REUNION dance!! She's also going to our reunion with us and to the dance. She was actually in the class behind us.
When we were teens, a group of guys from our high school had a band. They played every Friday and Saturday night! There wasn't anything else to do in this small town (there's still not) so that was awesome! These guys are coming back together to do a benefit dance for our local arts council. That's why we decided to have our reunion this weekend. Lots of our classmates will be in town for the dance anyway. FUN! FUN! FUN!
Sunday, there is another shower for one of my former students.
Next weekend our church is celebrating Earth Day! It really is a big deal. We close off the streets around our little bitty church and have a band, booths of all kinds that deal with the environment, a book sale, food sales, a puppet show, etc......... Dignitaries come to get their pictures made for the paper, etc.......

After that, I'm taking a little break from being so busy!!! I will get back to some intense sewing. After all, two of the grands have birthdays coming up. I have some ideas of sewing projects for them.


sunshine said...

Congrats on the loss! Don't worry, you are doing great.
I've had a couple of burgers since I began this journey as well. As long as you compensate for the rest of the day .. like, perhaps just have a salad at dinner (with some chicken in it).. it's fine. And, you are exercising.. that goes a long way to revving up the old metabolism.

All the best for the upcoming week!


ShirleyC said...

I feel your pain about trying to lose weight. My DH and I have been on WW since January. He has lost 42, and I've lost 20, which is really good for me. I only gained one pound on our cruise, but that was because we walked a WHOLE lot, which was also good for me as I have a really bad knee. Losing the 20 lbs. has also helped that.
They gave him a brochure the other night for a walking regiment, and we are going to try that. You start out with only 10 min. a day, but not every day. Sounds like a plan to me!
Oh yes, I have found our meat dept. puts out a type of HB meat that says "diet", and it has about 1/4 of the fat of regular meat, and makes really good hamburgers. That is our treat about every 2 weeks. Plus we use those little flat funny looking buns, and on WW they only have 1 point.
We are planning another cruise so that is a real good incentive to stay on the diet.

Kim said...

Julia- I feel tired just reading what you have to do in the next few days! I think you NEED to eat something like a hamburger once in awhile, otherwise you'll go crazy and eat 3 in a row- or worse yet- one sitting! Oh wait- I'm the only one that goes crazy like that? I'm losing at about the same pace as you are, so you are not alone. Lost is lost I say- and it's that much weight I'm not carrying with me when I exercise :) Have a fun weekend!!!!!

Trudy Callan said...

How awesome that you cut your burger in half. That takes discipline. Great you're keeping up with the walking. Losing .05 a week is still better than gaining .05 per week. You'll get there. Try to have the philosophy to only eat when hungry. If you aren't hungry, don't eat till you are. Never snack if you aren't really hungry. Then only eat what you need, till satisfied. It's always a good policy when going to a restaurant to get a to-go box before you eat. Put half of it in there to take home to eat when you feel hungry again. And eat the other half there. Donna Rodgers of Comin home, has a getting thin together blog.

Jackie said...

Enjoy your reunion Julia! You've been really busy as always. Congratulations on the weight loss. You're heading in the right direction! said...

You sound like you are doing so well! Good egg! Enjoy your reunion! suzie xxx

Sew Passionista said...

Julia,you are one busy woman . Congratulations on the five pound loss.Have you ever heard of a breathing system of excerce called Oxycise? I've had success with upping my metabolism by doing it. It only takes 15 minutes a day and you flex certain parts of your body while doing the special breathing technique. And your tummy gets flat which is a big plus. Oxycise has made me lose that bump that would never go away after my third child was born 35 years ago. I love it!The website is
You are wise to listen to your Mom when she says she 's not hungry. Mine is going through the last stages of Altzeimer and she has stopped wanting to eat. She can't swollow and one of my sisters insists on shoveling food into her. I find it very distressing. I know my mother just isn't able to eat and I respect that.
Sorry about the rambling. I was stopping by to get ideas for a little dress for my 19 month old GD.Your dresses are so special.

quer|elastisch Sabine Sprotte said...

Julia, you will make it! And by starting spring-time it becomes much easier.


Donna said...

Hi Julia, Trudy already mentioned it, but we have a blog that is really encouraging where everyone is a writer. I sign up people with their email address with permission to post.

Then we post every now and then with our struggles, our successes, and our ideas for helping each other lose weight and get in better shape. We'd love to have you! It's

Thanks for signing up to follow my blog. I might not have met you otherwise. Do you know for sure if your mom might not have alzheimer's or perhaps dementia? I took care of my grandmother for a year and she often did what you describe. Sometimes it's just the result of tiny 'heart attacks' that cause blockage of blood to the brain.

Take good care of yourself!

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