Saturday, April 24, 2010

Getting Healthy is Making me Sick!

Yes, I know that yesterday was Friday and that I was supposed to post my Fat Fighting Friday post, but ...............

1. I have felt yucky for about 2 weeks now with this allergy stuff!
2. I was getting ready for the Earth Day Celebration at my church by going through old books for our used book sale. Some of these books were mighty musty! Didn't help my allergies.
3. Walking outside with all that's blooming right now is not working.
4. Most of the exercising I've been doing has been messing with my sciatica.
5. My mom has been occupying lots of my time the past couple of weeks.
6. I've been trying to sew some.
7. My sister is here.
8. We've been to a luncheon and a dinner this week where delicious deserts were served.
9. So.....I'm skipping a week on my FFF post! I could think up more excuses, but I won't.
I don't guess most of these excuses explain my title. I was thinking of the sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, tiredness, etc..... And the pain in my left leg!


djStoreRoom said...

The most important thing is to rest. Take a good rest today and hopefully by tml, the allergies would have calmed itself and you would feel better.. Take care...

Donna said...

Hi Julia, Sorry about all your trouble! I hope things settle down soon. :o) I just wanted to let you know that I'm having a Followers Are Special giveaway for all followers who leave a comment. Since you just signed up I wanted to make sure you knew about it.

Have a better week!

Slipstitches said...

Aww, hang in there everyone is entitled to a yucky week here and there. Allergies are no fun you need the R&R. I'm recovery from a major surgery at the moment :(

Gail said...

Jules, there is only one answer to your problems..Zyrtex! Take care and keep up the good work.

gwensews said...

Oh, no! Feel better, Julia. said...

Hey, healthy is not all it promises to be! ha ha! Try not to overdo it, you can be too healthy you know, and its not good for you at all! I hope you feel better soon! Thanks for visiting again! suzie xxx

Claudia said...

As a fellow allergy sufferer, I have lots of sympathy for you! I invariably pull a back muscle or something like that when I start exercising! Take care of yourself and rest.


sunshine said...

I suffer from allergies too. I'm not looking forward to them kicking in soon. :(
Anyhow, you had lot's going on this past week and some weeks are like that.
All you can do is dust yourself off and try again this week.
Perhaps you should just try some small changes. That may be easier for you. Do one new thing or omit something from your diet (that's unhealthy) each week. You'll still be doing something positive for yourself. :)

Don't worry, you'll get there. :)


KID, MD said...

I hope it gets better son - or at least that you get a chance to take a "day off" and get back to yourself.

Sherril said...

You can't lose weight when your body is healing anyway. You'll be back at it when you fell better. Get well quick!

Jackie said...

I love this time of year because it's so wonderful to be able to open my windows and have some fresh air in the house. It, however, plays havoc on my allergies. I hope you feel better soon.

Michelle said...

Oh, no! I hope you feel better soon. I can certainly sympathize, the pollen has been so bad here, my allergies have been out of control. Rest, and I hope you are feeling more yourself soon!

Kim said...

Hang in there Julia! I guess my advice would be what I am trying right now--don't beat yourself up, change what you can handle and do the best you can. If just eating healthy some days is what the week brings, then that is enough. It's better than our previous lifestyle where we did nothing at all. I hope your allergies improve soon- we just had some rain here and mine are a bit better this week. Sending you big hugs!!

Angelia said...

I have horrible allergies in the spring too... blowing my nose through aerobics is no fun... one trick to keeping my allergies in check is I cut out ALL dairy products... dairy is very mucus forming making allergies worse. I've been doing it for years, it works... when the season is over or I feel better I slowly add low fat dairy products back in.
I promise you trying to be healthy is not making you sick!
Maybe exercise inside for awhile(you'll have to when winter comes back anyways)... you can get treadmills, recumbent bikes (low impact) elliptical machines (another low impact machine) and they are always for sale cheap in the TN trader and on craigslist.
Don't give up! you'll get it all straightened out!!

Flamingo K said...

I'm right there with you on this allergy business. This is the 1st year I've not been in the garden come Spring. Just can't do it any longer. Hope you get feeling better real soon.

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