Friday, April 2, 2010


I'm not complaining about my husband "borrowing" HIS camera. Afterall, when he is using it, it's for his work. He is a realtor and sometimes he has to take photos of properties, etc.... I am always glad when he has real estate work to do, since the housing economy is so bad right now. I'm very happy that he lets me use it, actually. His camera is a lot better than any that I've ever had.
But, finally, he is finished with it for a day or two, so I have taken pictures of the blankets that I have made, and of my giveaway items.

As I told you in my last post, or maybe the one before last, I am going to donate all but one of these to the Department of Human Services. I remember that my mom used to get calls in the middle of the night to go to someone's house to pick up kids. Sometimes the parents were being arrested for some reason, or the children were being abused, but whatever the reason, it was traumatic for those children. These days, a lot of children are being removed from meth houses. No belongings can be taken from a house where meth is being made because of the poisionous fumes, etc.. Someone recently suggested that I give these blankets to our local DHS rather than send them to the Linus Project. It is basically the same kind of giving.

This blanket is in honor of Little Man. This fabric is what I used in his nursery. This is backed with a solid white piece of flannel. Little Man is adorable and I think this fabric is, too!

This one is in honor of J. She's a real girly girl and what's more girly than a butterfly? J painted a beautiful butterfly picture for me recently, so that's why I thought of this motif. I used a piece of aqua fleece for the butterfly. The center is a piece of the blanket binding.

This is in honor of R, who is also a girly girl. Flowers are just as girly as butterflies. When I thought about R, I thought of something soft and pretty! She loves pink. The green is binding that I just stitched on in as a rambling stem. The flower is made from rick rack.

This one is in honor of Lil E. My mom used to make blankets for some organization. The sheep fabric was some that she had. I backed it with grey fleece and made an appliqued sheep from a piece of terry cloth and felt. Lil E is a little lamb.

The baby that is due in the summer is honored by this simple little receiving blanket. I clean finished the edges with a shell stitch. This is really just the back of the above blanket. I've already given this one to the family that our church is helping. I felt that they needed it right away.

Last, but certainly not least, is the one in honor of K. This one is two layers of flannel. I stitched about 1 1/2 inch from the edge, cut fringe, and then washed and dried it. Susan had shown how to do this on her blog recently. I love this daisy print, and thought of my sunshiney K when I saw it.

Below are the things I am including in my giveaway. There may be a couple of surprises, too.
Hand crocheted large doily

Open worked doily

Large square linen open worked doily

A crocheted daisy, antique crocheted buttons, set of 12 antique lace medallions, two pieces of antique lace

Two bibs to cross stitch

5 hand embroidered antique handkerchiefs

Small circular linen doily edged in pretty lace

I will choose a winner on Monday, so be sure to comment on this or one of my previous (4?) posts if you want a chance to win.


Susan said...

The blankets are wonderful, Julia! The ragged edge turned out nice, but I love the satin bindings...they always make a blankie a little more special!

Claudia said...

The blankets are beautiful, Julia. And how lovely of you to donate them to such a worthy cause. Some children are going to be so grateful for the comfort of one of your blankets.


Kim said...

Julia- the blankets are all so beautiful! I love them- they all look so cozy and warm- the children will love them too!

m&em said...

Love the blankets they are always needed by someone.

Trudy Callan said...

Everything is very beautiful.

Kinderfalls Primitives said...

Happy Easter \julia. The blankets are gorgeous. I've just been bitten by the quilting bug and am waiting for a book which I ordered from Amazon to arrive so I can get started. Pam xx

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Wow! Julia is there anything you CAN"T do? Very impressed. Thanks for visiting my blog too.

Chicago Sarah said...

What a wonderful idea- I did know that nothing can come out of a meth house but never thought of the blankets for the children! You are such a good example for the rest of us, Julia, thank you.

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