Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Preparing for....................

a trip to the West to greet a new granddaughter.  She hasn't made her appearance yet, but when she does, I'm flying out there.  While I am gone, my husband will be holding down the fort here in SE  TN, but I don't want to leave him with a big mess from the start so.......
 Things on my to-do list were:
Cleaning the house  from top to bottom,  that means upstairs and down. DONE (Well, except for the storage part of the basement.  That'll have to wait till I'm back.)

My sewing room which is downstairs needed a real straightening!!!  I tend not to always put things away when I am in the middle of several projects, one after another.  I actually decided to take all of my fabrics out of my fabric closet and refold those that needed it and to reorganize by color, etc.....  That's all done and it looks so good.  I guess I should show a picture, but I've done that before. DONE

While I am gone, my husband is going to have several guests, including my sister, my cousin, another cousin, my cousin's husband, and my cousin's wife.  They are all coming in to visit with Mother since I'm going to be gone.  They probably would have come anyway, but this worked out great!  So, I had to make sure the bathrooms and bedrooms are all clean and dust free, etc.....DONE

Straightening the laundry room, which wasn't bad, but the stuff on the shelves needed to be straightened up a little. DONE

Making sure all the laundry is done and folded and put away.  DONE

Going through all the mail to make sure there are no bills unpaid and to throw away the junk.  DONE

Making sure Mother has everything she could possibly need while I'm gone.  DONE

Making lists of all who are coming to visit Mother while I'm gone along with their phone numbers and the dates they'll be here.  Three copies of this list were made, one for Mother's chart at the nurses' station and two on her walls so the CNAs, or whomever needs to see them, can see them easily.  Also, I wanted Mother to feel secure about others being here to visit with her.  DONE

Packing all of the clothes, etc... that I will need plus all of the little gifts, etc... that I'm taking for the new grand and her big sister, all in one carry-on sized suitcase.  I'm not going to pay to check a bag.  I can do laundry while I'm there. Also, trying to find things to wear while I'm waiting to go, since all of my usual clothes are already packed.  DONE

Visiting with a friend or two who I won't see for a month while I'm gone.  DONE
Yes, that did say a MONTH!  I've never been away that long at one time.  I just pray that Mother will be ok while I'm gone.  I know my husband will be ok.  He's a great cook and with his dad next door to check on and all the guests who are coming, he won't be lonely.  He's actually going to join me later in the month.  My sister is going to come to stay at our house while we are both gone.

Finishing sewing projects and painting at the nursing home.  DONE

I'm sure I've done a few other things, but I can't think of what they are right now.
I will probably not post on my blog during this whole month.  I will occasionally get on the computer and check out your blogs, though, but if I don't comment often, just remember that I will be sitting and holding a new born baby girl and/or reading to her big sis, etc.......
I don't get to take the camera since I use my husband's that he has to have for his work.  I am going to rely on my daughter and her husband to take lots of pictures to let me send to my computer.


Amy said...

Have fun - be a good girl - and give that new baby and her big sister lots and lots of sugar!

ShirleyC said...

Have a good and safe trip, and love on that baby girl as much as you can.

mermaids said...

nothing quite like holding a newborn baby

Michelle said...

Wow, that is a lot accomplished! Congratulations (in advance!) on the new addition to the family.

Trudy Callan said...

I'm tired after reading this list. You are one busy lady. Have a great trip.
& congratulations.


Kim said...

Have a safe and very very fun trip Julia- I will miss you and be thinking about you! I'll keep you Mom in my thoughts and my prayers while you are gone- I am sure with all of those visitors she will be okay. ♥

gwensews said...

Well, Julia, here's another thing for you to add to your list. Hop over to the KwikSew website, and look at the new, sweet little girl's coat pattern. Just in case you feel the urge to make your beautiful grand-daughters another frock! The coat would be gorgeous in red for Christmas.

Donna said...

Wow Julia! You make my to do lists seem short! Amazing!

Now who would post when they could hold a new grandbaby? Not me!! I had my cute darling Lena today. She is walking all over the place, dancing, and talking. Wow..it was just awesome!

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