Friday, July 16, 2010

More Painting at the Nursing Home!And 28 years ago today.......

I'll start with the second part of my title.  28 years ago today our third beautiful daughter was born!  What a glorious day that was! And what fun it's been ever since.  
This time I painted windows instead of a fence.  These pictures will change with the seasons.  The first three rainy day pictures are at the front entrance.  We have needed rain so much that I thought perhaps this would help.
The next three pictures are on the windows that are in the living room area just inside the front door, so adjacent to the rainy day pictures.  I thought sitting around a campfire, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows and watching lightning bugs would be a fun summer time photo.   Note the orange T on the little boys shirt.  That's for the University of Tennessee.   Football time is approaching quickly. 
Now, as you can see the door into the dining room is to the side of the living room windows.  Of course I had to paint a great big sun for summer.  Several of the residents liked the frog on the front door so I thought they might like a turtle, too.             Summertime fun in the park with swinging and sliding
Next is a "man" for Margaret who sits in the chair in front of this window at every meal.  You can see the back of her chair int he photo.  This is the only photo I took from inside.  She asked me what I was going to paint on her window and when I asked her what she wanted she said, "A man."  She said her husband doesn't have to know everything.  I put an "M" on his shirt for Margaret and depicted him winking at her.  I told her this would be our little secret.  She is delighted!!!!!                                                      The next three pictures show swimming pool fun!  There's a little girl with her rubber ducky float, a boy doing a canon ball, and a graceful little lady doing a swan dive.    I didn't realize there was so much reflection in these windows when I took these pictures, but I guess they are clear enough.

This was a two day project in 90+ temperatures and sweat bees swarming and feeding off me, but the residents had fun watching so it's worth it.


Marydon said...

Julia, these are AWESOME paintings. What fun for everyone to see. You are truly one talented & blessed lady.

Pop by for our GIVEAWAY ends Sun.
Have a lovely weekend.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Cindy said...

Wow honey - you truly have been blessed with a precious gift! That makes me shine looking at what you gave to others.

Happy Birthday to "little one" :)

Enjoy all your moments special person!
It is a hot summer huh.. soon "you" will be cold again LOL

Michelle said...

The glass looks fantastic! What wonderful artwork!

m&em said...

WOW!! You are one talented lady. You do great things for others. A question: Do any of your kids share your talents?

Sewconsult said...

These are great. You should see if you could get a job painting them on Day Care windows, too.

Goosegirl said...

Julia, you are amazing! I can't believe all the talent you have in your hands. I love these paintings. You have such a beautiful heart to paint these for the nursing home. You are such a blessing

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!

You are truly a talented woman! Your skills are just amazing.

gwensews said...

Awesome paintings. You are so gifted! I'm sure those pictures bring smiles to the residents.

Claudia said...

Julia, those paintings are wonderful! You are so very talented - is there anything you can't do? Happy Birthday to your girl!


Cheryl said...

You are a true artist , good job!

sewing spots said...

Love all your painting endeavors! Great work! What a blessing.

Karen said...

What a blessing you are to all the residents and the staff at your mother's nursing home! I know you have made many of them smile and 'remember when'.

Judy said...

I'm in tears. How wonderful for the residents. You are truly a special person. I bet Margaret is giddy with her little secret.

Kim said...

Julia- how sweet and cute it all looks- you are so talented!!! I love them all and I bet the residents absolutely love them too- and the cutest part is the Man for Margaret- bet that makes her day every time she sees it ♥

Donna said...

Hi Julia, This is so sweet! I'm so glad you do this. I did nursing home ministry for several years, playing the guitar and leading them in a 'church service'. I didn't do the teaching just the music. What a wonderful thing to do! Your art is lovely and so cheerful. :o)

Thanks for your comment on my post last week. :o)

Donna @ Comin' Home

MushyWear said...

Wow Julia! I am so impressed. Such delightful, cheerful paintings! Awesome Job!

Kimberly said...

So cute! I bet the residents LOVE it when you do this for them. What a way to brighten their days! My grandma is currently in a nursing home and I know something like this would bring a lot of happiness there...

Thanks for checking out my t-shirt series! :)

Slipstitches said...

(gasp) Julia, those windows are fabulous and should really make the residents feel so happy (which is important). More nursing homes should have this...its time to take your show on the road.

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