Thursday, January 14, 2010

American Idol Country Gal

If you are an American Idol fan you have to read this and go to the site linked below.

Yep, this here gal is frum not too fur frum me here in East Tennessee. Vonore ain't my town, but I drive thru it if'n I'm a-goin sumwhur else sumtimes. If'n any of you'uns don't believe she's the genuiine thang, ya'll kin trust me she is. Evun tho most of us'uns down here in the south ain't nearly that kuntry, there are bunches who are. I luved her, and I fur one, hope she does ok out thar in Kaliforn-i-a. I'm afeered that she'll git chewed up and spit out once she gits thar, though. She's nevur been on an air-o-plane (her word). She ain't nevur been nowhur but rite thar in Vonore, TN.
Vanessa Wolfe – Audition – Wagon Wheel
Vonore is a very small town that has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 20 or so years because of the damming of the Little Tennessee River. There's a huge industrial park and a couple of very ritzy, gated communities. Lots of people from all over the US have moved there. However, this young lady obviously grew up there, as did her parents, grandparents, etc..... I don't know her personally, but I know others just like her. Most of us East Tennesseans aren't quite as country as this, but you know what, I think it's charming. She is definitely talented, and this could be her way out to make something of herself, if that's what she truly wants. I think she will be shocked by this big wide world. I just hope she doesn't get so discouraged that she won't keep on singing. I'm thinking she should go to Nashville first.

(Yeah, I'm sewing some, but my husband keeps taking his camera to work with him. How dare him! LOL I've finished 4 of the vests I'm making from the felted sweaters. I'm going to start on the skirts and pants today. I've got to decide what I'm going to make for Emory. She lives in the desert so doesn't need something this warm, and her skin is sensitive to wool anyway.)


gwensews said...

With the migration of north to south, east to west, a lot of the accents have melded, so they are not so distinguished anymore. Still, there are exceptions. I always loved Dolly Parton's accent. What really kills me is a country music singer, doing the souther accent when they never stepped foot in the south!

Faye Lewis said...

She has a beautiful voice, I'm glad she was chosen.

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