Monday, January 4, 2010

The Least It Could Do Is Snow! Felting???? And...What I've Been Doing

Brrrr....... It has been in the teens with highs in the 20s here in my part of the South. The least it could do is snow, right? I looked out a while ago and this is what I saw. Promising, but it was only a tease. According to the weather report it is supposed to really snow on Thursday and Friday, but I saw a teacher friend's facebook page. She jinxed us all by writing about it for all to see. However, she did say something about wearing her pjs inside out? I haven't heard that one, but if it works do it!!! We love snow here. We love to go to the store and buy out all the bread and milk, sit and wait and wait and wait. Well, you never know it could happen. After all we had some in November!!!!

A few weeks ago I bought all of these "lovely" sweaters for a dollar apiece!! Yep, at the Dollar Tree. They are all either 80 or 100% wool. I have washed and dried them according to Gwen's directions. When I cut into them there is no raveling. I am planning to cut into them and make vests for the grands for Valentine's Day. I haven't gotten it totally worked out yet, but I have the ideas bouncing around in my head anyway. Little Man may get a Dapper Dan hat instead of a vest.

Here's what I've been doing with paper and scissors while nursing a bad cold and not feeling like doing much else. I have really made a mess with little pieces of paper all over the house. I got the floor all cleaned up this morning, though. I even scrubbed my kitchen cabinet door fronts. I guess that means the holidays are truly over.

I have been reading a bunch too. I've read The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown's last book. I really liked it. It's alot like the DeVinci Code, so if you liked it, you will like this one, too.
I also read, The Help, which is a book about the racial injustices in Mississippi in the 60s. Thank God things have change, but have they changed enough? I don't really know. I guess the fact that OBama is our president proves there has been a change, but I really wonder? I am lucky in that considering that I grew up as a white girl in the South, I was taught that God created us all and that despite our outside looks being different, everyone is the same from the inside out. I used to tell my students that life would be boring if we all looked or acted exactly the same or had the same interests and abilities.
I read The Shack, which is a really, (uhhhhh.... I can't think of a word to describe it) weird. It is about this man who has suffered a tragedy and is on the verge of losing his faith. He gets a note from "Papa" which is what his wife calls God, telling him to meet Him/Her at "the shack" the following weekend. In a very short summary, he goes, he meets the Trinity, he has his eyes opened. It is worth reading, but remember it is really different. I am starting a new book, now. I do not have time to read, but I'm doing it anyway.
I also just recently did something that I have dreamed of doing for years, but I'm not telling what it is yet. I want to see if anything comes of it before I tell all.
I'm freezing here in my basement so I'm going upstairs to eat some leftovers and warm up. Besides I just heard my husband come in.


KID, MD said...

You have such an amazing talent with your silhouettes. Thanks for sharing them! I can't wait to see how the felting comes out. There has been so much about it in Threads lately that I'm getting interested!

gwensews said...

You artwork is so beautiful, Julia Is there a name for it? scherschnitte--I just looked it up. That's what I was thinking about. I'm anxious to hear what your latest venture is! You can have OUR snow!

BeeBee said...

Wow, really pretty cut work. What patience you have. I'd've cut that angel's head right off, wadded up the rest and tossed it toward the trash can.
Ah would it be so simple as to trying to salvage a $2 zipper. Take a closer look at the installation of the danged thing. You'll see that the zipper is inclosed within the fly and there's no way to make it work. Quite a feat of application, I think.

Trudy Callan said...

Your silhouettes are unbelievable.

I bet those will cute little vests.

PaisleyJade said...

Those paper cut creations are amazing!!! You are so clever.

I just finished The Shack too and found it good but unusual.

All the best with your felted vests - something I am yet to try.

Hoping it snows for ya!

beangirl said...

I can't believe you got wool sweaters for a dollar! My Cheapest Woman In The World jealousy knows no bounds. :-) Can't wait to see the felting!

Claudia said...

I love what you've been doing with scissors and paper - I could never do that delicate work! I am in awe.

I hope you feel better soon - I know what a pain a cold can be. Oh, and I am sure some snow will come your way. We have a bit on the ground here - just enough to cover the ground.


Faye Lewis said...

Your art work is so beautiful! You are so talented!

Jackie said...

Did you jump out of an airplane? I always hear people say they'd always wanted to do that.

I hope you get the snow you want! I'd like some too!

Kinderfalls Primitives said...

I love your sillouettes and your new look blog. We have snow here, about 12 inches of the stuff and it's been snowing since yesterday almost non stop. We've got more to come too according to our local weather station. Thanks for the lesson on changing my blog background. Pam xx

Little Sewing Alcove said...

You're paper cut-outs are amazing, I can't wait to see the vests you create out of those sweaters....

Nishant said...

There has been so much about it in Threads lately that I'm getting interested!

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