Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Got the Camera Back!

Here's the first of the five Valentine outfits for my grands. I have 3 more vests done, 2 more skirts, and one pair of pants cut out. I'm going to make a new Little Orphan Annie dress for Emory. She has almost outgrown the one I made her for her birthday in August. Since she lives out in the warm climate of AZ she doesn't need a wool sweater and skirt. Plus the fact that her skin is sensitive to all fabrics except for cotton. I am planning to use two red t-shirts to make the dress. Emory likes to wear her Annie dress nearly every day. Her mom tells me that she wears it to the doctor because it makes her feel just a little bit sassy (not rude, just confident), and when you are only 2, a little timid about needles, etc... being a "little" sassy is okay.
I've already shown you this vest, but I thought I'd show it to you with the shirt under it and with the skirt. This is for Jenna. Kellen and Riley's vests are similar, and their skirts will be, as well.

I lined the skirt with red cotton. I thought that would be more comfy next to her legs than the wool fabric would be, and it gives a little more body. The thread is gray. In this photo it looks white. I should have used red thread on the bobbin, but since the inside won't be seen, I didn't think it would matter so much. I'm hoping the girls have red, black, or gray leggings. I can't find any here. Pink sparkly leggings are all they have in my little town. I haven't looked for tights, but I will.

I've also been doing more Scherenschnitte (paper cutting). This is so much fun!!! It makes a mess, though. I am finding little bitty pieces of black paper all over my house. It's like when you sew with a fuzzy fabric and little bits and pieces end up everywhere!
This first one is not one of my best. I have some more roses cut out, just not glued to a background yet. I think they will be better.

This one is actually for a blogger friend who sent me a gift not too long ago. Some of you may recognize who this is. Of course, it isn't an exact copy of her blog photo, but it is similar. I haven't sent it to her yet, because I want to mat it for a frame, and in my little town there are none to be bought. I will need to get on up or down the highway 40 or more miles away to find one. Our Walmart used to have them, but no more.

This is a copy (sort of) of one of my Christmas tree angel ornaments. The ornament has lots more detail that I'm not able to do, yet, but maybe someday......? I have an idea of what I want to do next. I'll just have to get to a store that sells more than our Walmart does. I love living in a small town (I hate fighting traffic), but let me tell you, there are times when it is a huge disadvantage.

My husband and I did go to Knoxville last night to see "Avatar"(great movie, amazing how they made it)! My girls are probably shocked because their Daddy and I don't go to movies (the last movie we went to see was "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" ), and we've been to two in the past week. We saw "Blindside" last weekend. We also went out to eat at Outback both times. Yum! We went there because we had a gift card. We forgot to use it last week when we paid, so we went back last night and remembered! LOL! I didn't get to go shopping, though. It was too late. I'll go back soon..
Below is a t-shirt that I designed a few years ago for the school system where I taught. I've been lucky to have designed several t-shirts over the years. I sleep in this shirt lots! I happened to have it on this morning when I was taking pictures, so I thought I would take one of it, too.


Trudy Callan said...

The vest and skirt are so adorable.

And I love your artwork. You're getting better and better. I wonder if you could sell it, maybe in an Etsy shop or craft booths?

Faye Lewis said...

Wonderful! And you're on a roll as usual. Always getting the seasonal things done well before time. When I grow up (he he) I want to be as organized as you.

gwensews said...

Totally cute outfit, Julia. Your grands are getting used to couture early in their life, and that is just fine. When you want the best, ask Gram.

Love your paper-cuts also. Hope mom is doing ok.

Gail said...

I love that you find so many occasions and reasons to sew for your grandchildren. Such cute outfits.

Jackie said...

I just love the little skirt lined in red cotton!

Sassy 2 year olds are cute!

sonoemi said...

Hi Julia,
I admire your cutouts. They're beautiful! You are a true artist!
The movie "Avatar" I want to see too. I've only heard good about it.

Best regards,

Chicago Sarah said...

Aaaaah! Really? Oh wow, Julia, that is BEAUTIFUL! :) :) :)

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