Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Little Man will Steal Their Hearts!

He's already stolen mine! This first sweater vest is the one I made to start with. I decided that I really don't like it as much as I thought I would. Don't pay attention to the little pieces of white fuzz on it. Those are all over my house, along with little slivers of black and white paper. I guess they stick to my clothes and I deposit them wherever I go.

So, I decided to make him a new vest. I had enough (barely) of the solid red sweater that I felted to make this new vest. I was lamenting to one of the nurses at the nursing home that I couldn't really put hearts on his vest. I don't think his mom and dad would like that very much. She suggested trucks, etc... I was going to do a truck, but when I had it cut out, it looked more like a train, so I tweaked it here and there, and this is what I came up with for the Little Man. This is what I mean about not being very precise like you quilters have to be. I change my mind too often. When you are working on a quilt with points that have to match up, etc... you can't do that. I am so very impressed that you ladies and gents can do things that perfectly!!!

Here it is with his pants. I fudged on these. The zipper and pockets aren't real. I just didn't have the time or the "want to" on these to do all that detail work. I'll do it the right way for Easter. After all, he's not really putting things in his pockets or potting training, just yet. I was in the middle of hemming these when my husband yelled down the stairs that he needed his camera. (He's going to list a house and needs to take pictures.) I had to hurry to take these photos and get them in the computer, so the pants are only partially hemmed.

Today's things to do: (I'm typing this for my benefit, so I won't forget to do some of these things.)
1. Finish hemming Little Man's pants Yea! This one's done. How do I strike through words?
2. Write a skit for the children to do at church the Sunday before the Super Bowl to introduce the Souper Bowl project that we are doing (I have it in my mind. I've just got to put it on paper. It's really simple.)
(We are collecting cans of soup to take to the local food pantry.)
3. Fix the waist of Kellen's skirt (I've decided it's too big.)
4. Help Mother with her lunch
5. Meet my friend for lunch (We try to go every Wednesday.)
6. Go grocery shopping for tonight's family night at church ( We meet every Wed. night, and someone different provides the food each week.)
7. Make taco sauce, cut up tomatoes and lettuce, etc... for tonight
8. Print off some more black and white photos of my grands for making their 3 color portraits (I may not get this done today.)
9. Be at the church by 5:ish to set up for supper
10. Serve food, etc....
11. Have older youth make Valentine's for the nursing home residents (maybe? I may have them do that next week.) (We may just work on puppet skits for upcoming events. We are in charge of a workshop for the entire district in April!)
12. Work with all youth on Souper Bowl skit
13. Choir practice
14. Home, sit, relax, bed, sleep
Thank you to all of you who gave me compliments on the paper cut portrait of Kellen. You have no idea how much fun that was. It's really pretty simple. I learned from Dude. There's a link to his site on my last post. I just can't wait to have time to make the other grands' portraits.


KID, MD said...

Whew! Reading your list made me tired!! That's a lot to do. I love the train, and I know he will, too. My little guy would be ga-ga over that vest!!

Trudy Callan said...

LIttle man is going to be so handsome.

You have a very busy day ahead. Have a good one.

Kim said...

Little man's new vest is so adorable- all of them are! I also love the paper cutting of Kellen- it is amazing! I would love to try one of these for my sister's children so I have to say thank you for the link to the tutorial!! Hope your day is wonderful♥

Little Sewing Alcove said...

The Little Man's vest and pants are adorable!! Boy, you sure are a busy lady! Have fun!

~~louise~~ said...

What's "boy language" for adorable??? My grandson would absolutely go "ga-ga" over that vest too!

Whew, that's some list Julia. I do hope you are going to be able to take some Julia time before all is through.

Thanks for sharing with us, now, get going!!!

BeeBee said...

I think both vests are adorable. And no, I'm not doing your list for you.

ittybittyandpretty said...

great makes! love the paper cut too, very clever.

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