Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Momma Always Told Me to Save The Best Till Last!

Have you seen the giveaway that Marydon posted about on Nov. 1? The deadline is the 9th so hurry on over to

I have re-interpreted that to say,
"Do the most challenging thing first!"
This is the pattern that I went by to make Little Man's shirt for his Christmas suit. Notice there is no neck band, no placket down the front, no cuffs, no yoke, and I wanted all of those details. That's why this was challenging. I made him a dress shirt for Easter, but I had one of his shirts to go by. He has grown, a lot, since then.

Here's a couple of pictures that show details. Here, you can see the neck band and collar.

In this one, you can see the yoke, flat felled seams, etc...... I made flat felled seams everywhere except down the sleeves. I made French seams there. The sleeves are too small to get into to sew them flat.

Here's the finished shirt. You can see that I added the cuffs and plackets on the sleeves.
I hope it fits him!!!

I recently bought a book titled Why You Say It by Webb Garrison. It has stories that explain the reasons behind everyday words and phrases that we use. I love words and language, so I had to have this book.
I will on occasion share with you from this book.
I am a BARNSTORMER because, "this term is attached to anyone who moves around a lot without getting much done." Even though I don't move around to live in different places, I do move around in circles a lot without accomplishing much. This term was first applied to acting groups who traveled around and performed in whatever place they could find, very often in barns. Politicians are also labeled barnstormers very often, because they do get around, but how much do they get done?
I got a note in the mail from the guy at church who upset me last week. He apologized!!!! He didn't mean what he said in the way I took it. Our preacher preached on Love, Misunderstandings and Forgiveness on Sunday. After the service this guy came up to me and asked who I thought the sermon was directed toward. I said, "ME!" He said, "No, it was me!" Lol! We will be able to work together now without hurt feelings. This guy once told my husband that he never apologizes to anyone because it is a sign of weakness. Well, he did apologize and I think it is a sign of courage myself!


Trudy Callan said...

The shirt is very nice. Great work.

I sometimes feel like a barnstormer. I'll walk around my house not accomplishing much and not knowing where to begin.

Miracles never cease. I am amazed that he apologized, and glad to hear it.

gwensews said...

What a terrific little man's shirt! A tiny version of the classic tailored men's shirt. Very nice job.

Goosegirl said...

Julia, this little shirt is perfect!! You are amazing! And Julia, it is such a miracle that the guy apologized! I am so happy for you!!

Lady-Cracker said...

Great to see your "stuff."

Hate to say it, I don't even get around, lots of circles and wall bumping.

I hope to get to your place of productivity.

Sue said...

That little guy's shirt looks great. I am so glad you are getting the right kind of feedback from the other member's of your Church - sometimes they don't realise how much work you have put in!

~~louise~~ said...

Amazing, Julia. Oh how I wish I could sew. I'm really going to have to work on it. For me, it would be the most challenging thing I've done in too long of a time. I do plan on dragging out the old sewing machine when the kids come to visit. We'll see how that goes:)

That book sounds like one I should seek out. Have you ever heard of Poplollies and Bellibones by Susan Kelz Sperling. It's a celebration of lost words. For instance, pingle once meant to play with your food. And if you're having a case of the mubblefubbles, you're feeling melancholy.

Thanks for sharing, Julia...

Chicago Sarah said...

Wow, I want to take sewing lessons from you! That shirt is gorgeous.
I can't see the barnstormer in you, you are always working and making something and taking care of people. :)
ps: He apologized but you made the space around you okay for him to approach you- a blessing on both of you!

Gene Black said...

Wow! Your shirt looks fantastic! Your details are so precise. (I don't have that gift)

It is amazing how a sermon will speak to many people and OFTEN they get entirely different messages from them. Being open to receive helps so much. And in that it is very much like making art.

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