Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm Coming Unraveled!

At least this fabric was!!!

I don't know that I've ever sewn with fabric that raveled as much as this did. I did lots of zigzagging!!
This little three piece suit is finished except for hemming the pants and sleeves. My daughter hasn't had a chance to get these measurements to me yet.

Here's the inside of the jacket. I'm going to write Granmomma on the tag with a permanent pen. I never did show a photo of the lining I'm using on these Christmas outfits. I bought a satin that is really suitable for a garment rather than the lining satin because it was the same price. This has such good body.

I'm a little disappointed in the vest. If my daughter decides not to have him wear it I won't be hurt. It's a little high at the top in front and a little short at the bottom of the front. I didn't have anymore velvet, or I would have redone this. The back is made from the taffeta that I'm using on the girls' dresses. It's lined with the satin. I might make him another vest from taffeta and satin.

Here's his Velcro fastened tie. I used the taffeta and sewed blue ribbon on it. I looked at one of my husband's ties to figure out how to make it. I've made him two others, but for some reason I couldn't wrap my mind around it this time. It is becoming more and more difficult to wrap my mind around anything these days.
If I learned from all the mistakes I make I would be a genius by now! I would put an LOL here, but it is not funny, not one bit. Lol

The tie is lined with the same satin as the jacket and vest.

This is what I've done on Kellen's dress so far. That trim around the neck isn't sewn on. I'm not sure I'm going to use it. I think that if I do, I will make some flowers from the blue ribbon that I used to trim across the bottom of the bodice to add to the strip of ribbon. The bottom of this dress will have a border of the tucked velvet with the blue ribbon around the top edge.

I've added a neck band of velvet to Jenna's bodice and have it lined and the sleeves sewn in. I don't usually sew on more than one at a time, but I'm waiting on measurements for length on Kellen's before I move on. My daughters and grandchildren are so busy that they keep forgetting to measure or they think of it at a time that isn't convenient. They are just like their Momma!!!

Have you seen the giveaway at She always has the neatest new notions for sewing that I have ever seen. The other day she posted about this amazing ruler. You just have to go to her blog and watch the video to understand how great it is. Her giveaway this time is for a book on thread painting. COOL!! I want to learn this technique. I've done a little but nothing like this lady did.


gwensews said...

Your little man's suit is adorable. The vest neckline looks just fine to me. He will be so "manly" in his big boy suit. As always, great job Julia!

Cindy said...

(Wo)Man, you can put together works of art. Cute little tie. The grands are going to look adorable for the holiday's (not that they aren't already) :) I could learn so much watching you sew. You think of doing things that would never come to my mind. How was the Halloween party - costumes a hit?

Chicago Sarah said...

Does the heavier weight lining make it hang straighter? Can you use a heavier lining with the suit because it's suiting fabric? (yes, my reading in the Singer sewing book is making me try to figure this out!)

Kinderfalls Primitives said...

I love Little Mans suit. Velvet is a difficult fabric to work with isn't it? I once decided to make a velvet patcvhwork throw to go on my bed but it was such a pain to work on that it got thrown to the back of a cupboard. Your grandchildren are so lucky have a Grandma to sew for them. Pam xx

sonoemi said...

Wow, you are very busy. The suit and tie for your little grandson has become very beautiful. He will be very proud.

Amy said...

Your grandkids are going to look wonderful!

Faye Lewis said...

Sorry you had such a raveling problem, but the little suit turned out wonderful.

I have a ruffle question if you don't mind. I want to add a ruffle right down the middle of a V-neck top, do I need to cut the ruffle on the bias?

Gail said...

That suit is so cute.

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