Sunday, October 4, 2009

One More Little Indian Princess!!

Some of you may remember this little darling from one of my previous posts. She has an aunt who loves her very much. This aunt has two half grown boys, so having a little niece is a treat for her. Anyway, she called and asked me to make the jumper that's in my last post and this Pocahontas dress. I'm going to deliver these tomorrow. She is one of my teacher friends at the school where I used to teach before I retired. They are having parent/teacher conferences tomorrow so it will be a good time to take them. Then, I am taking a few days off from sewing. I need a little break!

Here's the dress front and back. I stitched the beads on one at a time by hand to a piece of ribbon. I then sewed it on to the top of the fringe that I made from the darker of the two pieces of fake suede fabric that I purchased for this.

Following are some close ups of the details. First shows the little purse that I made and attached to a strip of leather used as a tie belt.

Here's the zigzagged hemline with the beads that I sewed on one at a time like the top.

Then here is a close up of the top.


gwensews said...

Those "10 Little Indians" have nothing on you! In fact, they wish they were so well-dressed!

Trudy Callan said...


i cant sew said...

wowzer that is great! my girls would love that :) you are so clever and they are lucky to have you in their lives.
my email is on my blog but here it is anyway ( you said you wanted to email me)
have a great week
%*_*% rosey

Anonymous said...

Oh--you are good!

Gail said...

Very cute Julia. I'm sure one day I'll make costumes for my grandkids. I enjoyed making them for my girls when they were little - Snow White, Belle, the princess from Alladin, a faux fur pussy cat (I've saved that one to pass on) and witches outfits. Such fun.

The Wrought Iron Gate said...

Cute...Cute...Cute!!! Pocahontas herself, would love this outfit. I enjoy sewing costumes, as well. Love the beading.

Best Wishes,

Martha said...

you are just the grandmomma with the mostest!! Too cute. I just know they are going to love their dress up clothes.

window dressing said...

Absolutely gorgeous! This young girl would love this dress I am sure. If I was going to a costume party, I would love this dress at my age. It is truly beautiful. Love the beads!!!!

Angelia said...

Super cute!

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