Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Inspiration From the Past!

First of all, I want to say thank you to those of you who commented on my last post. I was in a very reflective mood when I wrote it. I thought of the irony of funerals and weddings and how they play such important parts of our lives. I think there are many events in our lives that are so contrasting yet they all meld together to make us who we are. Perhaps I am who I am because of the many people who have had such an important part of my life. Of course, family is important, but others in church, school, work, etc.... impact us as well. I have been impacted by folks who are much older, but those who are much younger than I am, as well. I am constantly impressed with the insight my DDs have, and I hope they know how much I appreciate and love them. I am very proud of their accomplishments and with the way they are approaching parenthood.

I find myself being drawn to the beautiful things from our past. these are a very few of the many beautiful vintage hand worked handkerchiefs, laces, etc... that I have accumulated. I have noticed many blogs that feature tea cups, or other things on a particular day of the week. I think I will start featuring some of the beautiful linens, etc... that I have on Tuesday, or whatever day of the week I happen to get it done. I call these Inspiration From the Past because this is from where I get much of my creativity. My grandmother, Honey, and my aunts, and others before them made such beautiful items. They taught me and left me with a love, respect, and need for hand made creations.

This is a handkerchief that has delicate embroidery and a scalloped edge. You can see where the edging is frayed. That just adds to the knowledge that this was a well loved hanky. This could be incorporated into a little girl's dress as a collar, as insets on sleeves, or set into a sash, etc...

My aunt made huck towel tea towels all the time and taught me how, as well. It really isn't difficult to do. The hard part now is finding the huck toweling fabric. You can see how the weave is conducive to weaving a design. I have used several towels such as this as collars, or as pillows for new born babies in our family. My grandmother's tatting is on most of my aunt's towels. This one wasn't finished, but when I use it I will add some of the tatting that I have left from my grandmother's box of yards of lace.

This crocheted tablecloth is gorgeous. I purchased this piece. I don't know what I'll do with it yet, but someday it will tell me what it wants to be. There isn't much of this piece that isn't damaged, but enough to make a pretty overlay skirt on a tiny dress or as a collar or something.

I love hand embroidery. I think this is so pretty. I'm not sure what the fabric is but it has a very interesting texture, as you can see. The blues, pinks, and yellows in this work of art are so pretty. I can see this as the border of a little girl's dress, or again, as a collar or sleeves. It would even make a pretty cardigan over a springtime dress. I think the crocheted lace is unbelievable. Scallops are one of my favorite details on any piece.

This is one gorgeous embroidered and drawn worked linen napkin. I have a set of these. I once made a dress for my grand daughter from 8 linen tea towels sewn strategically together. I think these may come together in a dress kind of like that one.

At the top of this view is some delicate tatting on the edge of a handkerchief. My grandmother did not make this particular lace, but isn't it pretty? What a pretty edging it would make on a little baby's dress! The linen napkin is one of a set that I have. I once sewed a whole set of napkins diagonally all the way around the skirt of one of my grand daughter's dresses. These might work well like that or I may even sew them all together and make a whole dress. Or I could use each one in a different dress, one for each grand daughter so they would have matching dresses. Hum.... that's an idea for Easter.

I don't think this tea towel is all that old, but isn't that applique beautiful?!? Sometimes I just get ideas for my own embroidery or appliques from pieces like this.

More lovely, delicate hand made lace on the edge of a hanky.

Look at this treasure! I have lots of ideas floating through my little brain for this one. I may cut apart the circles and use them separately some way, or I may turn the whole thing into a dress some way or other. I had some crocheted place mats once that this reminds me of that I turned into a dress.
I think all of the dresses I have mentioned are in the slide show on my sidebar.


Shabby Kim said...

Fabulous linens Julia.. I especially love that last picture with the crocheted doily. Thanks for sharing some of your wonderful collection. Also wanted to say I appreciate all the kind comments you have left on my blog. I'm glad to have you as a visitor.

Trudy Callan said...

All such beautiful treasures. How nice to have family that has left these things to you and taught you to craft.


gwensews said...

I am gasping with delight at all these beautiful things. Such treasures!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I am a sucker for hankies!

Sew Passionista said...

Julia thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving the nice comment.
I've been so busy with my DD and my grand-children that I haven't visited blogs for quite a few days. You have been very busy indeed. I just looked over several of your posts in the last few days. Very interesting reading.
And I love those gorgeous linens. How inspiring you are. I want to look through an old trunk I have to see if I can find some treasures of my own!

TattingChic said...

That peach colored tatted edging is really sweet and pretty! I love tatting. In fact, I have a blog about it if you'd like to come visit you are welcome to come on over anytime!

Funny that you mentioned that the tatting would look so pretty on a baby's dress because I JUST POSTED a blog post about tatting on a baby's dress that I found at an antique store! You should come see it! :)

((Hugs)) and nice to "meet" you! :)

Rachel said...

Those are gorgeous linens!!! I absolutely love the tatting. Tatting is my favorite trim.

window dressing said...

Julia your previous post was truly beautiful and insightful, it really made me stop and think.

I enjoy reading about what inspires you to create as well as seeing that creativity take flight.

Cindy said...

To bring the last two post together I have just one word for you - LOVE. It's what everything is all about. Love for sewing, love for old things, love for new fabric, love for family and our children, striving to find and give love, wanting as much of it before we pass on - to the ultimate presence of Love. I think it's actually our collective lesson in life to give as much love to all who cross your path. This is the highest level of being. It's why all the war, killing and destruction of others is soul killing to me and why I spend a lot of energy to change. It seams like we are falling instead of filling our hearts with love for the next person. Peace inside my friend :) I love you!

TattingChic said...

I'm so glad you came over to visit! WOW! That was fast, LOL! I LOVE IT! I'm so excited to have you as a follower and hope you come back often! :)

blushing rose said...

Anxious to see where you take this ... TTFN ~Marydon
PS Pop over for a visit

Back Porch Blessings said...

Hey lady I need ur address I have a book for u that I loved thought u might too. email me

Sher said...

I love crocheted doilys. My great Mei Mei used to make them all the time. I remember starching the living daylights out of them to shape them. It's a dying art/talent.

Chicago Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing those beautiful linens and your ideas. I have some embroidered handtowels from my grammy and try to use them sparingly as I love them so much and they are still in good shape!

Anonymous said...

Julia--I love these so much -I am vintage textile nuts!!! Thanks for the inspiration....

Getting ready to embroider an appliqued piece myself!

love, kelee

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful needlework and what wonderful treasures!!

Melinda said...

Hi Julia... I love your linens. I have a few but none as beautiful as those!

I see you are a new follower of mine. I just wanted to let you know that my blog now has a new name, and link.....


I am sure some of my blogging friends have lost me since the change :-)

See you again soon,

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