Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blest Be The Tie That Binds.....

...our hearts in Christian love; The fellowship of kindred minds is like to that above.

I have been blessed. My cousins, Malinda and Osborne (Joyce) sent me these gorgeous flowers. We don't just have kindred minds, but kindred souls, as well. My cousin, Malinda, is recovering from shoulder surgery. I used them as a centerpiece on our breakfast table while our Japanese teens were here this weekend. We only fed them breakfast and one dinner (we went to the home of one of the other host families for hot dogs on Friday evening.)

The three girls we hosted gifted us with these beautiful Japanese fans, a gorgeous tin box (they didn't know that I collect tins, {kindred minds?}), and a cd of their bell choir's music. We got to hear their choir today. They played at our church. Incredible is the only word I could think of to describe to them how it was. They didn't know the word "incredible". I tried to explain what it meant, and then I told them to look it up in the dictionary that each of them carried with them.
Their music touched my heart. Music is a universal language (kindred minds). I always told my students that smiles are also a universal language. Everyone understands them.

Each of the girls left us a sweet note on her pillow. I found them after they left. One, is an origami ship with the note inside. One is an origami style envelope with the note inside, and the other, as you can see has origami swans glued to the corner. This background from the cutest blog on the block site reminds me of origami. Beautiful and so sweet. I had made notes for them with their names decorated on the front of the card.(kindred minds) My husband bought them University of Tennessee tshirts, lotion, and got them each a local paper with their picture on the front. His picture is on page 9 in an ad. (kindred minds)

Here are the girls posing just before they left to go to our church this morning. They are Sayo, Natsumi, and Maeda. What sweet, sweet smiles. They are very gifted musicians. They offered to help with breakfast. They helped clear the table, made their beds, and blessed us with their smiles. They had never seen cows or stars(at least not the way we see them out here away from the city lights that they have in Tokyo. So when I look at the stars each night I will pick out one for each of these girls and see it for her. (kindred minds)

By the way, I'm in the basement on my computer and plan to get down here tomorrow to sew. Now, to get back upstairs! Hum??? I may have to sit down on my "bottom", (my mother never let me say the word " b_ tt". I never let my girls say it either. One of my SILs thought it was the word "but", that I didn't let them say. LOL Another story for another day.)and scoot myself up the stairs. No one is home to see me so who cares. LOL


Trudy Callan said...

How sweet.

We never say the b-tt word either. Nice to know we aren't the only ones.

blushing rose said...

Mother never let us say that b_tt word either ... we always used 'bottom'. I don't know how it ever crept into our kids vocab. TTFN ~ Marydon

gwensews said...

That's an old hymn! Nice on too. It sounds like your house guests were very polite and nice. What a great learning experience for all of you. Be careful, going up the stairs on your, uh--backside!

Jackie said...

What sweet, beautiful girls! Obviously very well raised and very thoughtful. I'm sure they will always remember your kindness and hospitality. Be careful on those stairs!

Cindy said...

I tell my kids all the time "don't get me in trouble with my mom" :) My mother grew up in the south where you didn't even say shut up to one another or we were in trouble. The yes mam, no mam type. I ask my children to respect their grandmothers ways when around her but it's ok to relax when they are around us. They also know all the bad words all the "grown up's" speak, know what they mean but will not say them. They ask why the adults can and they can't. I tell them it's the difference of being a trashy person or a classy person. It's their choice when they become adults but as children they respect everyone. Kindred minds, kindred spirits - do to others..... The world is becoming a smaller place. We really are all the same. I'm happy you enjoyed your visit with your young guest.
Beautiful flowers BTW and the recovery is going good if you are already in the lady cave :)

Susan said...

I'm sure it was a nice distraction having the girls there this weekend. It sounds like you all enjoyed yourselves!

Sher said...

Those girls sound so sweet! How are you getting around in that boot? Hope you're healing fast (hugs)

window dressing said...

I'm glad that you had a great visit with the girls. Glad to hear that you are getting up and about a bit. Every day it will get a little easier.

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