Saturday, January 24, 2009

2 Posts in one day? Just trying to catch up!

Hi, again.  Yes, this is my second post today.  I'm just trying to make up for deleting my old posts.  I really thought I didn't have time to be blogging, and I was probably right.  I haven't gotten much done today except for reading other blogs and posting 2 of my own.  

For those of you who didn't see the little outfit that I made for my grandson (we call him "Little Man")  I'm posting a picture of his jeans, jacket, and hat.  I made a label to put in his jacket and one for the pocket.  The one on his pocket says, "Heartbreaker" because that's what he is.  His outfit is made from the Simplicity 3582 pattern, at least the jacket and hat are. This was the simplest hat I've ever made.  I had to make up the pants to make them into jeans.  The pattern had elastic waisted pants.  I put in a zipper, side pockets, back pockets, and made the double stitched seams that real jeans have.

Now for my pink and brown  polka dots, paisleys,  stripes, butterflies, and flowers.  The jumper that has the butterflies flying across the front is the reverse of the brown with the big butterfly on the front.   This is for my 3 year old grand  daughter.  Pattern 3662 from Simplicity is what I used to make this dress.  

Our 17 month (as of today) grand daughter is getting reversible pants and vest.  She can wear the vest and pants in any combination she and her mom decide on for the day.  I can't get the other photo to post.  The reverse side of the vest is fuzzy pink and has heart shaped pockets with bows on them.  The reverse of the pants is polka dots.  I used Simplicity 3582 on hers, too.  It was not supposed to be reversible, but with very few adjustments, I was able to make it so.

Next is the jumper for our 6 year old.  This is  McCall's pattern 5694.  Jenna is also getting a vest which she can wear with this jumper or maybe with a pair of jeans.  Her vest is not reversible (I didn't have enough of the polka dot or flower fabric)  and is the pink fuzzy fabric with a turnback lapel made of the flower fabric like her jumper.

Kellen's (our 8 year old) dress has a "Y" yoke.  Hers is paisley and polka dots. It has a draw string in the back to gather it with.   She has a vest, too, which is reversible.  Pink fuzzy and paisley.  She'll probably want to wear it with jeans, too.  Hers is made from a McCall's Easy stitch 'n Save (and it was easy!)  5685.  I made the top and just lengthened it.

Now, what to do for Easter!?!  I have some heirloom ideas in mind.  The Sew Beautiful ( magazine has some very pretty dresses that I may take bits and pieces from for our girls.  I don't know about Little Man's outfit yet.


Rachel said...

I love the outfits you made for your grandchildren. When I first started sewing I did alot of smocking and sewing children's clothing. I still have a lot of Sew Beautifuls.

Little Sewing Alcove said...

you're grandbabies are the luckiest!! You do awesome work..

Shannon said...

Wow! These are great! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello! I've added you to my favorites. I can't wait to see what other adorable things you make!

Angelia said...

I passed an Award to you! Go to my blog to copy it!

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