Saturday, October 8, 2011

I am sewing................, but.................,

..........  I just don't have pictures to show you, yet.  I didn't get to sew much last weekend.  We had a breakfast at church on Saturday morning, and then..................... my town, and those nearby, honored a fallen hero from our community.

US Marine Lance Corporal

US Marine Lance Corporal, age 21, from Tennessee, was killed in action on 24th September while conducting a patrol in Afghanistan. Family members said the Marine was shot in the chest.

He served with Company D, 4th Combat Engineer Battalion, 4th Marine Division, Marine Forces Reserve, based out of Knoxville, Tennessee.

According to news reports, L-Cpl. Watson had worked as a deputy in the  County Sheriffs Department and patrol officer for the
He  had only been in Afghanistan a few weeks, when he was killed.  Our church was actually getting together a care package to send to him.  It was to be mailed on the Monday after he was killed on the Saturday before last.  His body was brought back to our town last Saturday.  The airport is about 45 miles from us.  People lined the streets wearing red, white, and blue, and waving the American flag most of the way from the airport.  The crowd became more and more dense near here.  From the town just north of us all the way to the funeral home, there were very few empty spaces.  There were 1,000 police, state patrol, sheriff cars, and motorcyclists who rode in the entourage from the airport.  This young man was a police officer here.  There were giant flags draped from overpasses, and lining the streets!  All of the flags in town were at half-mast.  The procession took about 2 hours from the airport to our town, like I said that is about a 45 mile distance.  It was a proud moment to see the crowd and the support.  Now, if we would just give that kind of support to our men and women when they come home safely!  There is to be a procession honoring another of our townsmen who died a few years ago, to commemorate his death, next week.  I hope as many people turn out for that.
Anyway, because I was in town for this event, and had a little shopping to do, I got a late start sewing.  I do have Luna Lovegood's, aka Miss J's, jeans and peasant top made.  I also have the bolero more than half-way knitted.  I have Fleur Delacour's, aka Miss K's, dress about half-way made.  I should finish it and the caplet today.
Tomorrow, I am cleaning house all afternoon, after church.  Yes, I know that my grandmother wouldn't approve, but it has to be done, and there is no other time of any day of the week, so Sunday afternoon it is!
My husband has a new job, and is working all day today and tomorrow.  He shouldn't have to work on weekends all the time, but he is training right now.
                  The University of Tennessee is playing Georgia today. Below is Neyland Stadium!
Miss J was born during this game nine years ago, and our youngest daughter got married during this game 6 years ago!!  My how time flies!!!  I sure hope we win this game; we need a good win!  I have missed VERY FEW UT home games over the past upteen years, but I haven't made it to even one this year.  Saturday is the only day I have to sew, and grands take precedence over everything, even football!
Back to the sewing room.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a beautiful tribute for the fallen hero. And you are right, we need to honor and support those who return home safely.

We used to go to our home schooling conference every summer in Knoxville. We met in the Thompson Bowling Arena. What an incredible place. Hope your team wins :-)

MyNorth said...

Every Canadian Forces personnel who is killed in the line of duty is flown to Trenton CFB and then transported to Toronto via a road called The Highway of Hero's. The 2 hr. route is lined with civilians, emergency personnel and military along the roadside and on overpasses in exactly the same manner as for your Cpl Watson. It's quite a moving experience and happens all too frequently.
I agree with you Julia. The same should happen for the men and women who return home safely!

Flamingo K (aka Karen Schurr) said...

What a lovely tribute. Wish we could do this for all our soldiers and sailors.

Gail said...

I am very sorry to hear about the young soldier. So young - a sad loss indeed. The death of a soldier always touches me as my brother is career solider and has done three tours of duty in Afghanistan. Only the first was compulsory - brave or mad - I'm not to judge.

Claudia said...

Heartbreaking to hear of this young man's death. So much life ahead of him and struck down so young. You're right, Julia, this country ignores the very real needs and care that these soldiers need when they come back home. It's a tragedy.


Angie said...

Dear Claudia,
it´s such a tragedy of a young man who is in fact a real hero! I still feel with his family and with all who have such a dangerous job.
The reason why I am writing is that I have a daughter who is in the German army as well. Next year she will(must have to)go to Afghanistan for several months. I am very afraid of it and perhaps I will not sleep during this time.
Just now she is preparing for this "trip".
The only thing I can do is to pray to God that she will come home savely and healthy.
Thank you so much for posting. I am a follower of your blog since months.
Love greetings from Germany

Angie said...

Sorry, I made a mistake: your name is not Claudia but Julia.
So it has to mean: Dear Julia!

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