Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Turtle Tumble!

Our community has the equivalent of a Rubber Duck Race, only with Turtles that Tumble.  The Boys and Girls Clubs and the local arts council, and perhaps a few other non-profit organizations, benefit from this event.  One of the banks in town that helps sponsors it, asked met to paint their windows to help advertise, so I did.  I painted on Sunday afternoon, much to my late grandmother's moans and groans.  She would not have approved the painting on Sunday!  However, it was the only time I could possibly fit this project in with my teaching and sewing Halloween costumes. 
 I had one of the turtles that they drop from the sky, I guess from a helicopter.  I just painted a bunch of tumbling turtles that looked like the ones they use, well sort of like the ones they use, anyway.
Of course, I painted the wrong date on the window.  The lady who called me from the bank told me the date, and without thinking about the fact that it was on a Wednesday, and I knew this event was on a Saturday, I just painted what she had said.  On the way to school Monday morning, it hit me that it couldn't be the right date.  So, I called to confirm that I was right, and she said that the date she gave me was the last day that the turtles could be adopted.  Oh well, I went back yesterday afternoon and changed it in about 5 minutes.  I blurred it out in these photos.
Gotta go grade papers!  Hope to have a Luna Lovegood or a Fleur Delacour costume to show you after this weekend.  That is, unless I decide to go to the Un. of TN football game Saturday.  I don't normally miss those games, and I haven't made it to one, yet, this year, but, grandkids' Halloween costumes are more important!


MyNorth said...

Once again, I'm dazzled by your creative talent and energy! How you fit everything in boggles my mind.
Fun looking window. Well done.

MushyWear said...

Your turtles have the cutest smiles! Great job with the window! When you go to the Un. of TN football games, do you find it a long wait to get in and out of parking? Just a curious question from a tiny island :)

gwensews said...

Good gravy, you stay busy! I love your artwork, and your costumes!

Faye Lewis said...

RE: Knits
I think the best advice would be about the needle. I'm using Schmetz Jersey Ball Point #12 a lot lately. I wait until they go on sale 1/2 price at Hancocks and keep a good stock on hand. I try not to pull or stretch the fabric as I sew, and I use a regular stitch not stretch. I rarely have any problems, but then there are the occasional times that I do. I stay stitch necklines as soon as the shoulder seams are stitched and stabilize all shoulder seams.
I don't press seams open I serge all seams together. I've also started using Steam-A-Seam for all hemming, it really makes a difference in the way my hems look - they are not bumpy or wavy anymore.

Cindy said...

Hi, Still the same sweet thing you've always been! Though about you tons! I have to read your blog to catch up.. but it looks like your doing the same, staying busy! :) (hugs!!) Miss you!

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