Sunday, October 23, 2011

Finally, another one finished, another ALMOST finished, and two on the models

Here's Fleur Delacour's, aka Miss K's, dress and capelet.  The long collar and cuffs are detachable. 
 I'm hoping Miss K will be able to wear this dress as a real dress and not just a costume.  The fabric is a cotton knit that is very soft and comfy.  The clothes hanger is too large for the shoulders on this dress, therefore making the sleeves look a little weird.  I assure you that Miss K's shoulders aren't that wide.
 I really struggled with how to make this hat.  I actually MADE one from blue felt, but I am not showing it to you, because, well because it didn't turn out so great.  So, I went to Walmart and bought a gray felt hat.  I wet the top of it until it was pretty soaked.  Then, I stretched it with a broom handle until it almost tore a hole in it.  I didn't know if this would work, or not, but it did pretty well.  Then, I spray painted it to match the dress.  It took a couple of coats of paint, but I was pleased with the outcome.  The hat is rather stiff with the paint, but at least it's the right shape and color.
Now, for Luna Lovegood, aka Miss J's, outfit.  In the scene of the movie that Miss J especially liked what Luna was wearing, she had on a peasant top,
                                                         a pair of khaki jeans, and .............

 a purplish-blue bolero style sweater.  This is all that's left to be finished.  I've actually done a little more since I took this photo.  Perhaps I'll get it finished in the next day or two.
 Now, for two little models in their costumes.  These two visited us last weekend.  Lil'E said she would be the prettiest fairy of all!  Lil'B just thought she looked adorable.  She paraded around with a huge smile on her face!
                                          An Undersea Fairy with a sea shell dress and crown. 
 These are purchased wings, but they were trimmed all in black!  So, I painted the black parts pink and added pink seaweed (ribbon).
 Here's our little pink sea-horse from the front, and.........
from the back.
As I posted last Sunday, my mother finally found peace one year ago.  In the fall, one of the first things she would want to do was buy some miniature gourds to put on her dining room table.  I went with her many times to buy them.  So, whenever, I start seeing gourds out in the grocery stores and at the roadside stands, I think of her.  So, last Sunday, I placed this arrangement at church in her memory. 
 She would have been so happy. 


KID, MD said...

They are all so wonderful! The hat you created looks perfect. Very creative! Your little sea creatures are wonderful. That little seahorse! I could die, she's so cute.

Needled Mom said...

Those costumes are so wonderful. What lucky grandchildren to have such a talented grandma!!!!

The gourd arrangement looks beautiful. I am sure that your mom would be pleased.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I Love the outfits for the little ones. So cute. What ever happened about the machine after insurance said no?? Did you take it back to the repair shop?

Jackie said...

Your grands look fantastic in their costumes!

MyNorth said...

The Fleur Delacour outfit is perfect! You did an excellent job on the hat. The Luna Lovegood outfit is great too. But the little grands just couldn't be cuter. The Undersea Fairy is adorable and the Seahorse ....awwwwwww.
Once again, you did an amazing job on Hallowe'en costumes. Did you get a new machine or are you using a loaner?

Sandy said...

Darling costumes! I love the gourds on the altar....looks like Thanksgiving time for sure.

MushyWear said...

Great job with the new costumes! Both grands are so cute in their costumes, but the little seahorse...I can't get over how adorable she looks! Your gourd arrangement, in memory of your mother, is gorgeous.

Kim said...

Julia-this post brought tears to my eyes- not only for the beautiful basket of gourds- but to see those little cuties all dressed up in their costumes- thank you to their Mom for letting you post them! They are so adorable- your halloween costumes are going to be a cherished memory of their childhood ♥

Faye Lewis said...

You must be the bestest Grandmother in the world, next to me (lol). So glad the knit tips worked for you, frankly I forget exactly what I told you. Can you freshen my memory??? Did you get a new sewing machine?

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Lovely, lovely thought of your mother.
Once again what more can I say, you are talented lady, just talented. Wish you were my grandmother as a kid, they are very fortunate.

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