Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Refashion Number 2

This began as a pullover sweater with a wide ribbed bottom edge.   Mother loved wearing lavender.  It looked so pretty on her with her snow white hair, fair skin, and blue, blue eyes.  Maybe this is why I  like purples so well.                                                                                    
 I began by cutting it up the center, cutting the ribbing off the bottom, then folding back the center edges and, using the blind hem stitch on my machine to make a shelled edging.  I turned up the narrow ribbing on the sleeves and did the same shell edging.  I used this same technique on the bottom.  Somehow, it turned out to be a little longer in the front, kinda going down into a vee shape.   I liked this, so I left it alone.
I added a button and used a hair elastic band to make a loop at the front neckline.  My favorite thing is the flower that I made from the ribbing that I cut off the bottom.  
I've already worn this several times, and people are either just being kind, or they really like it because I've had lots of compliments.  I have a solid plum colored shell that I've worn under this, but I like it over the shell that I showed you in yesterday's post that I made from Mother's dress.
I think this will look good with black, brown, or gray slacks, or a skirt.  (I don't wear skirts often, though.)  
My Beulah is doing her job well for me, lately.  She's earning her keep.  I do need to make her measurements equal mine, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.  Her shoulders are exactly the right size, but that's all.

 Something else in the purple family that I LOVE!
Below are 4 photos of the same bouquet of hydrangea.  I LOVE hydrangea, and I couldn't decide which photo showed these off best, so I just posted all of them.  This is from a bush that my husband's grandmother planted many years ago. 

                                               Have a great week,   JULIA


Flamingo K (aka Karen Schurr) said...

That is awesome, Julia! Love that shell edging. How did you do that?

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow what gorgeous hydrangea flowers. Nice job on the sweater.

Faye Lewis said...

I'm love the new cardi and the hydrangeas too!

Cindy said...

The shell edge was the perfect touch to the cardigan. I love hydrangeas too...unfortunately, only my lacecap bush bloomed this year.

Donna said...

Beautiful hydranges Julia..and I love that shell edging. You are just amazing!

Kim said...

First- I have to tell you that those hydrangeas are gorgeous!!! I also love your new sweater- using the ribbing to make a flower is genius and adds so much to the sweater! Beautiful work Julia ♥

Anonymous said...

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