Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"I Will Follow Him" and "Children of God"

Every fifth Sunday, several of the churches in our area have a joint evening service after a family night covered dish dinner.  This past Sunday it was held at my church.
 The puppet team that I direct was asked to present a couple of songs.  We chose "I Will Follow Him" which you may remember as a love song from the fifties that was turned around in the movie "Sister Act" to a religious song.  As a background I made the silhouette above to represent people following Him.
 This is the puppet that "sang" the song.  The poster being held up was just for fun.  I wish  my husband had gotten photos of all of the signs, etc... that we used.  It was really cute.

 He did get a few.  There were others, though, from behind the taller white curtain.
 Here, we were performing the Third Day song, "Children of God".  Our youth went to a Third Day concert recently, and they loved this group. 
You can't tell in these photos, but the lights in the sanctuary were off and the puppets were holding little flashlights.  They swayed to the music as they "sang".

Today, I'm sewing.  I am remaking some of my mother's clothes to fit me.  These are some of the things that were too good to give or throw away.  So, I decided to just take them apart and remake them.  Mother was shorter than I am so I am shortening a few pairs of her pants to make into capris for me.  I am remaking some of her jackets and other tops to fit me, as well.  There's one dress that I'm going to shorten and take in.  I really need some clothes, so why not reuse her things?  She would be very proud to know I'm doing this.
Oh yeah, I forgot.  I am going with the poll votes from my sidebar to name my dress form, Beulah.  That was my grandmother's name.  It was my mother's first name, as well as one of my first cousin's first names. Lily was my Mother-in-law's first name, but she went by her middle name, Marie.   Ruth was Mother's middle name.  I have decided to name my sewing machine Ruth Marie.  Puddin' was my nickname when I was a kid.  I think I'll just save that name for myself.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

How very cool. My daughters name is Ruthann Marie ;-)

Jackie said...

Your talent is never ending! I'm sure the congregations from your area churches just loved it!

MushyWear said...

Great job on all the props and signs for the church gathering. I love Third Day too!

Kim said...

I wish I was close enough to come see one of your presentations from your puppet team- it always looks like it's such fun. I hope you show us some of the clothes you are altering :)

gwen said...

What a labor of love! Your church must so appreciate your talents. Glad to see you posting. Have missed you.

Donna said...

Julia..the puppets and background look amazing! How sweet of you to do that for your church. I love that song Children of God. :O)

Good for you--altering your mom's clothes. If they are nice and work for you why not?


Faye Lewis said...

Julia thank you so much for your comment about my jacket and dress muslin. Albeit you know nothing that I make is perfect. I just realized on yesterday that the jacket has one sleeve longer than the other. HOW IN THE WORLD DID THAT HAPPEN??? I could let it go, but I feel I must fix it. Don't think it will take to long to fix up. It also has pic marks from hemming that a friend pointed out to me yesterday (as if I didn't already know). How do you hem this light weight twill with having pic marks??? Beats me. The dress muslin that made up like a dream when I did the muslin complete with front and armhole facings is a good fit. But how come when I made it up in my fashion fabric both the front and armhole facings were too short??? As you can see I am not real talented, but rather a great fixer upper after the fact. I still thank you for your complement though, it makes my heart sing!

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