Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Refashion Number 3

For this blouse, I started with one that I bought for Mother to wear to a Valentine's Dinner at our church several years ago.  It had long sleeves, very long sleeves, so long, in fact that they came almost to the tips of my fingers.  It was a typical button front shirt.                       
 So the first thing I did was cut the sleeves off and just turn them up and hem them on the machine.  Then, I took what I had cut off the sleeves , sewed the pieces together, folded them over, and gathered them.  Then I sewed them into the front of the shirt, which took up the fullness just enough to fit me, and voila, a new shirt.  Thanks, Beulah, for modeling for me again. 
This past Sunday was Pentecost Sunday at church.  Everyone was asked to wear red.  I didn't have anything red.  When I was a little girl, I had plain old brown hair, brown eyes, and olive skin.  Many of my family members had red hair, including my mother and sister, and my cousin, Malinda.  She and I are only 4 months apart in age, so we dressed similarly, alot.   She always wore the blues and greens, though, and I was always in pink or red.  So, as I got older, I strayed from the pinks and reds, and rarely wear them anymore.  I really don't know why.   I love pink and red.  I wore this with black slacks to church, Sunday, but I think I need to get a new pair of crisp white pants with which to wear this and a few other tops I have.


Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Looks very pretty - bet you looked great for Pentacost!

The sewing room said...

Refashion no 2 is another hit,you have so many ideas l would find it hard to know where to start,well done.

Hugs Pat

The sewing room said...

I meant to say refashion 3,silly me but 1,2 and 3 are all great.


Gail said...

You've been busy. I love the front frill on this refashion and the colour, ravishing!

Susan said...

I'm a plain old brown haired brown eyed girl too, but I wear a lot of red! I bet you look wonderful in your new blouse!

gwensews said...

Wow, Julia, you're moving right along with your refashioning! You'll have a whole new wardrobe in no time. Very nice. I wasn't able to do that with my mother's clothes, as she was a size 6 (on a fat day), and I am a size--well, wayyyy bigger!

Kim said...

Love this one- I love red and wished it looked better with my pale skin :)

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