Monday, February 7, 2011

If you read my last post, you know that I am joining in the challenge with Coloradolady for letter writing.
I like to send notes, letters, and cards anyway, so this really isn't a challenge for me.  The challenge will be in remembering to post about it on the fifth of each month. 
Last night, after traveling to Atlanta and back to celebrate my father-in-law's 82nd birthday with his sisters, then watching the Super Bowl (If Peyton or Eli isn't playing, I don't care who wins.), I came home and wrote these notes.
      *First, I wrote to a former pastor and his wife.  He was actually only an interim, but he is one of my favorite all time pastors.  He was in his 70s, but very open minded!   When a person was talking to him, it was as if that person was the only one in the room.  He really listened.  When we were looking for someone to baptize our granddaughter recently (which we didn't get to do because it snowed too much to have church on the one and only Sun. my daughter's family was going to be in town, he was one of our first thoughts.  He was going to be out of town and couldn't be here, but he wrote us a note telling us he was honored to be asked.  Then, he wrote us another note later to ask if we were able to go ahead with the service.  So, I have written to him to thank him for his thoughts and concerns about our grandbaby's baptism.
    **Second, I wrote to a lady from our church who just recently moved into an assisted living facility.  I've heard from her daughter that she is doing well, and that she loves getting mail.  I just let her know we miss her at church and that we are wishing her well.
     ***Next, I wrote to my husband's aunts who hosted my father-in-law's birthday celebration, thanking them for inviting us and feeding us such a delicious meal.  I also complimented them on their beautiful home.  I had never been there.  We really did have a great time.
      ****Then, I wrote to one of my dearest friends with whom I've been friends since about 5th grade.   Her son recently died.  I wrote to let her know that I'm still thinking of her, and that I hope to get to M___________, to see her soon.
     *****And last, but certainly not least, I have written to Jocelyn@ Happy Cottage Quilter who recently hosted a giveaway.  I won lots of yardage of homespun fabrics.  I posted about that a few days ago.  I thanked her on her blog and through mine, but there's nothing like getting a real thank you in the mail.
I used to teach the art of letter writing to my 6th grade students.  They wrote a real business letter, that we really mailed, a friendly letter to a former teacher, and a thank you note to a custodian, secretary, cafeteria worker, or bus driver.  I hope they remember what they learned.  The businesses usually replied in some manner to the students.  I'll do a whole post about this someday.
I got Little Man's art work hung next to a piece done by Miss J.  What a glare!

This is what I've gotten done on the little dress for my friend's yet to be born granddaughter.  This is being made from my friend's mother's half slip.  The hardest part is that the slip was cut on the bias, so the little tucks are wanting to stretch and dimple.  I think it's going to be ok, though.  The first thing I did was close in the slit down the front with some lace that I had that was very much like that on the slip.  Can you see how I put a flower between each scallop, to try to make it look like it was supposed to be that way?  Gotta finish this, make a couple of baby slings for gifts, then I will get to start on Miss J's Easter dress using the Boutis Provenchal technique.
I am still working on Miss K's sweater and thinking about Miss J's.  I worked on my crocheting all the way to Atlanta and back (about a 3 hour drive one way).


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow Julia, you have inspired me to write more notes and letters. I love that you wrote to your former Pastor. Sometimes time gets away, and we forget those who have invested and impacted our lives. And the dress is gorgeous. I can't wait to see it finished. And I can't wait to receive your note :-) Thanks!

MushyWear said...

I really like to write letters too. And I don't know anyone who doesn't get excited when they receive a handwritten note. It's so rare today. I also have my boys write letters to relatives. This is one tradition we should not forget!

Donna said...

Julia, That dress is just precious! Did you embroider the little flowers between the scallops? I loved this!!

And I'm embarrassed because you have brought back to me just how careless I've been about writing real letters and thank yous.

It's so important. Thanks for reminding me. :O)


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