Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Family Heirloom, I RECKON!

This little dress is for a baby girl who is to be born on Monday, if she doesn't make her entrance before then, that is.  Her mom is one of my former students, and her grandmom is one of my dear        friends.  It is made from her great grandmom's half slip.  That's what makes this dress a family heirloom,  The "reckon" part comes from reading a few blogs this week about "Southern Speak".  I'm not sure that "reckon" is a Southern word, but I think it probably is.  If you don't know, it means, "suppose", or what one "thinks" about something.  For example,  I "reckon" we'll be gettin' some snow here tonight.                                                                                                                            
 The fabric is a fine cotton.  The lace and embroidery on the front was already on the slip.  I enclosed the slit up the front with some lace that was very similar to what was already on the slip.  I add the pintucks to the bodice.  I used similar lace on the sleeves.  The hardest part about making this was that the slip was cut on the bias, so the fabric wanted to stretch in weird ways.  Making pintucks on bias cut fabric is not the easiest thing I've ever done.
I added four little tiny buttons to the bodice.

 I embroidered a vine of flowers like the ones that are on the front across the back under the tucks.  Instead of buttons, I made bows as closures.  The ribbon is sewn on the right side and slips through button holes and ties into bows, as you see.
I lined this dress since the fabric was so thin and on the bias.  I felt like it needed the straight grained fabric underneath to prevent it stretching while little one is wearing it.  I sewed ribbon to the hemline of the lining and added another bow.

Below is a peek at the sweater that I am crocheting for Miss K.
 This is the reason I have been afraid of knitting and crocheting for years.   The directions look scary, but I "reckon" that if I read them one direction at a time and really concentrate I can figure them out eventually.
 I plan to make something for myself using some of the upholstery samples seen below.  It won't be something to wear, but I "reckon" it'll be something I need and will like anyway.


Needled Mom said...

I reckon that you had a lot of fun making that beautiful gown.

Your popcorn knitting is looking fabulous. Isn't it relaxing?

I can't wait to see what you make with those samples.

gwensews said...

And I reckon that you did a fabulous sewing job on that beautiful heirloom dress! Can't wait to see what you're crocheting!

Beangirl. said...

I think (ha) that "reckon" is one of those northern english/scottish/irish words that came over to the central/southern mountain regions with English/Scottish settlers in the 1600-1700s. "Reckon" is definitely still used in parts of England, as my husband uses it fairly regularly (he's from the north of England). There are lots of hold-overs of "standard" English/Scottish words that are now mostly used in the southern areas- "yonder" springs to mind. Being from the north, I don't say "reckon" (I say "figure" or "think").

I reckon that is a gorgeous heirloom!

MyNorth said...

Well I reckon that you don't sleep! You accomplish so many amazing projects in such short order.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

The gown is gorgeous! What a beautiful heirloom and keepsake. And your crochet is wonderful too :-)

Anna said...

Love the dress and can't wait to see the whole sweater! Reckon is a British word that came over and took hold in the southern Appalacians. Reckon is in all the Harry Potter books:)

Jan M said...

The dress is sweet! Miss K's sweater looks so warm and cuddly! I enjoy knitting, but never could seem to crochet.

Kim said...

The dress turned out wonderful Julia- New Mom is going to love it. I'm trying to learn to crochet- I look at yours and think I will never get there! Back to the you tube videos I think :) I can single crochet and double crochet and that's it! I'm curious to see what you're going to make from those samples!! Have a creative day :)

MushyWear said...

It's a beautiful dress! Even though the pintucks were difficult, they were so worth it for the cute design. Also, I've never seen ribbon for buttons. That's an interesting idea I will file away. The crochet reminds me of snowballs. Cute!

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