Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boutis Technique Has Begun

First, I drew my design.  I actually only drew half of it, then I folded my taped-together paper in half and traced the design so it would be symmetrical. Notice, that I didn't draw in all the details on the ribbon streamers.  I'm not sure if I'm going to put those into the final design or not.  Probably not.
Then, I cut a piece of sky blue (per request of Miss J) batiste long enough for the skirt of her dress doubled!  I sewed the selvage edges together using French seams.  Then, I folded the fabric back on itself in half with the seams to the inside and pressed.  I almost always line little dresses anyway, so this technique is working out perfectly.  (Sometimes I make a slip instead of lining.) 
 Next, I put the drawn design between the two layers of fabric on what will be the front of the skirt.  I pushed it all the way down to the folded edge which will be the hem.   For this photo I just put it under a piece of the fabric so you could see how well it showed through.
 The next step was to trace my design using a pen with ink that disappears when it is dabbed with water.
 Now, it was time to stitch by hand around each line of the drawing.  This took lots of time.  I tried to make itty-bitty stitches.  Some of you quilters out there could have done much better.
When I finish the next step I'll post about it.  It has taken a little trial and error to figure out just what the easiest way to do the next step is, but I think I have it worked out now.  I am going in from the back and pulling yarn into each shape to make it puffy looking.  This technique is sort of like quilting, but not really, if you know what I mean.  It will have a quilted look to it when it's finished.  I just hope it looks like I am envisioning it will when I'm through.  I saw the instructions for doing this in the last issue of Sew Beautiful.


Needled Mom said...

I can see it perfectly!!! I love that magazine. Did you get the catalog yesterday too?

It will be gorgeous when you are finished and the trapunto will be so pretty. Your stitches are beautiful.

Donna said...

Julia...How fun! I've been doing boutis for years and have a major post with links for people just learning how to do it. I did boutis heart shaped ring bearer pillows and am now working with and almost finished with a larger pattern called "Ronde Fleur" or round of flowers in English.

A french quilter named Diamont Berger taught me herself. I'm addicted to boutis! And it was so hard to learn as there were so few resources. The closest thing we Americans have is trapunto..but it's not at all the same.

You are the FIRST person besides myself and Diamont that I know who even knows what boutis is! I love the pattern you are doing...and can't wait to see it when you are finished.

Ronde Fleur is my third project now in boutis. And my most difficult one. But it's so so pretty!

Great job!

Rachel said...

That is looking really pretty!! I can't wait to see the finished product.

Kim said...

I didn't know what boutis was- I had to google it :) What a gorgeous piece of art this is going to be when you are finished! I can hardly wait to see more- the design is beautiful Julia :)

Jackie said...

I'm going to google boutis to find out more about it. It looks really interesting and it sounds like the technique needs some publicity. You're the perfect person for that as you do such beautiful things with needle and thread!

gwensews said...

Yes, similar to trapunto. I get it! How fun, Julia. I'm anxiou to see your finished garment.

The sewing room said...

Looking great can,t wait to see the final result.

HUgs Pat

Anonymous said...

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