Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Gift From Susan and a New Set of Fairy Wings

Imagine how excited I was when I opened my mail box and found this envelop with these beautiful vintage patterns.  Susan sent them to me!  I've been reading her blog forever!  You will love it, too, if you haven't already become one of her faithful followers.  She makes quilts like you wouldn't believe!  I love her color choices.  She also cooks!  Yummy!

 As I wrote in my last post, I wasn't happy with Lil'B's fairy wings so I made her some new ones.  In case you missed my last post I'll fill you in a bit.   Lil'E, who is Lil'B's big 3 year old sister, ordered fairy costumes for both of them.  She wants to be a yellow fairy with blue wings and just a little pink.  She wants Lil'B, the 2 month old's costume to be green with blue wings and a little pink.  The original wings that I made for Lil'B were stiff and would be uncomfy for a little one, so I found this light blue sheer fabric and made puffy wings with no wire involved.  I took a large square and using a long basting stitch with my machine, I sewed four circles that met in the middle.  There was no precision to this process at all.  I then pulled the threads to gather the fabric and used a pony tail elastic band to hold the gathers together.  I then ties the polka dot ribbon around the center.  The ribbon threads through sash holders on the sides of the waist line on the fairly costume and then ties in the front.   The polka dot ribbon has colors that tie the whole costume together.  My bear looks pretty cute in this outfit, don't ya think?


beangirl said...

Man, i'll say it again, "Can you be my grandma??" :-)

Faye Lewis said...

Beautiful vintage patterns, ad look how much they cost back then. Love your angel wings.

Marydon said...

Julia, what ever you do is magical. Each creation just takes ones breath away, you are so talented.

Have a beautiful week, my weet firend.
TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

PS TY for your visit & comment on my other blog, those are beautiful people creations, aren't they?

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