Friday, October 15, 2010

Back to Reality

We're home from a quick trip up to the beautiful NE!  The fall colors and the weather were perfect the whole time we were there.  The rain stopped just for us!  We got to visit with 2 daughters and their families.  The primary purpose of the trip was to celebrate Miss J's 8th birthday.  It's hard to believe how grown up she is all of a sudden.  I took all the Halloween costumes and they were all excited about them.  Little Miss R modeled her Medusa costume at the birthday party.
We're back to reality.  I'm trying to get my house in order, visiting my mom, sewing some, doing laundry, you know, all that stuff.  We don't know if we are looking at days? or weeks? with my mother, so I probably won't be on here much in the near future.  Just please keep her in your prayers.  She is calm and seems to be at peace right now. 


Jackie said...

Welcome back!

I'm glad to hear your mom is calm and at peace. I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts.

Marydon said...

G'eve Julia ~ So glad you had a wonderful time & the kid-lings are thrilled with their outfits. Hope things settle down with your Mother ...

Have a great weekend!
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Donna said...

Dear Julia, I'll be praying for you and your mom. I know what a challenging time that can be. Thanks so much for dropping by and for the kind comment about my banner. Did you join my giveaway? Suddenly, I can't remember. Sometimes my memory is not all that great.

Donna @ Comin' home

Goosegirl said...

Oh dear Julia, I am praying for your mama and for you. I am so glad you had fun on your trip. I pray that your last days, weeks or months with your mama are a blessing and so sweet. I pray for your daughter heart as you prepare for her leaving you. I pray that her passing is easy and free of pain. I am sending big hugs to you.

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