Saturday, October 2, 2010


Our Lil'E wants to be a yellow fairy with blue wings with a little pink.  This is what Granmomma has come up with for her.  I hope she likes it.  I initially thought I would use a light blue, but the tulle didn't look blue, it looked white, so I decided that if I was going to do blue, I'd do BLUE!  I had intended to use a fairy costume pattern for this, but when I pulled out the pattern pieces I changed my mind and decided to WING it!!!   For the underskirt I made satin petals to sew to the skirt.  The next layer is netting cut in petal shapes.  The next layer is petal shaped tulle, then the top one is satin trimmed with pink ribbon. These top three layers are all sewn to the pink around the waist, then sewn to the bodice. 
For the wings, I shaped 20 gauge wire into wings, then I attached blue tulle, don't ask for details here, I played with this for a couple of hours before I was satisfied.  I added the pink and yellow ribbon flower to the back of the wings to tie the colors all together.  For Lil' E to wear the wings, I attached yellow ribbon that will go over her shoulders, around behind her and through a loop that is on the wings, then around to her front and tied at the waist.  This should help hold the wings in place. 
Next, is for Lil' B.  Lil' E said that her baby sister should be a green fairy with blue wings and a little pink.  I am not happy with her wings, so those are going to be done over today.  I made the dress in green satin and used green tulle as an under skirt.  I made the sleeves from the same pink that I used on Lil' E's.  The polka dotted ribbon is actually attached to the wings, goes through sash loops on the side waist line and tied in front to hold the wings in place.  But, I'm not going to show you the wings right now. The little bloomers came from Walmart.  The other day, I found these little sets that have a onsie, a shirt and a pair of bloomers that coordinate, all for $1.00!!!!  I bought two sets.  Lil'B can wear these all winter long out in the desert!  The bloomers can be worn under little dresses, too.  I bought this pink set and a lavender one.
Lil'E also wants her two favorite dolls to dress up as fairies.  So, being the pushover Granmomma that I am, I made these two quick little costumes.  These are not Lil'E's actual dolls, but some I have at my house.  Simple, simple, simple.  There's very little time or effort put into these two costumes. 
Do you remember that the only thing I hadn't finished on Hermione's costume was the tie?  Here it is.  I used some gold velvet that I think had belonged to my husband's grandmother.  I inherited all of her fabrics.  The burgundy is made from scraps from the cape.  I just sewed on the stripes in a diagonal direction.  I borrowed one of my husband's ties, even though I've made several ties, I had forgotten exactly how this should be made.
I do believe, except for new wings for Lil' B, I am finished with Halloween costumes for another year!  Next year there will be 7 to make!!!
I guess you wonder why I always make these so soon before Halloween.  Well, since I have so many to make.................... and because we usually make a quick trip to the NE for Miss J's birthday,  I can take the ones that go up there with us.  Also, I have to get Lil'E's and Lil'B's in the mail. 
I feel so relieved to be finished, even though, as I've said before, this is probably the project I enjoy the most of all!  I love to find out what they all want to "BE" and then trying to figure out just how I'm going to create them.
My next project is a very serious, but fun, one.   I get to make a Christening gown for my daughter's friend.  I've bought the fabric, and have a design in my head.  Now, if I can just produce what I'm "seeing"! I will be incorporating an heirloom family hadkerchief into this dress that this little one's mom sent to me. 
For an update on what's going on with my mother, go to my other blog that is listed at the top of my sidebar.


Jackie said...

I'm sure your Grands enjoy what you make them as much as you enjoy designing them! What special memories you're building. Kids always remember stuff like this.

Rachel said...

You are so talented!!! I love that fairy costume. You grandchildren are very blessed to have you as a grandmother!!

Marydon said...

Julia, you continue to blow me away with your fabulous creations! Your talent is awesome ... great memories for the kid-lings.

We finally finished both house constructions & took off for 2 weeks. I apologize, but will be better now.

TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Marydon said...

BTW Do you use old jeans for your sewing, I have several pairs here that I hate to pitch as they are too big for everyone now. LMK

Hugs, Marydon

KID, MD said...

Sweet fairies!! I always like to get Halloween started early, too. Better safe than sorry!

Sewconsult said...

Great job on the costumes.

Gail said...

The fairy costume is so sweet. The wearer will have lots of candy I'm sure.

MushyWear said...

More adorable costumes! I especially like the green satin on the bear, but they are all perfectly fairy-like. It must feel good to have accomplished so much. Way to go!

gwensews said...

Wonderful costumes, Julia. Your work reflects the love you have for your art, as well as your grands and children in general. My mother was in Hospice care for two years before she passed. Pain management, easing a patient's misery is what they do, in a very caring and compatinate way. Blessings.

Kim said...

how cute all these fairies are Julia! The costumes for the dolls are too sweet- you are the best grandma ever :)

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