Saturday, December 5, 2009

SNOW in the South! And I Want to be Four Years Old Again!!

The weather man promised us that we were going to get snow over night, but he hasn't told the truth about snow in a really long time around here, so we didn't believe him. But, this is what we woke up to here in SE Tennessee!!! I'm sorry I doubted you, weather man!!!
Remember the tire swing and bird pictures from the other day? This is what it looked like in our back yard this morning.

We had a good 2 - 3 inches!!!

The men at our church cooked breakfast for the women today. They not only cooked, but they cleaned!! I wasn't going to miss that, even if I still have a cold and even if it was snowing and freezing cold outside. Here's what our church looked like when we got there. Those windows are so pretty from the inside.

This is why I want to be four years old again!! I would have wanted this dress when I was four. I actually had one very similar when I was a flower girl at age 5. I made this from the fabric that my Mother-of-the-Bride dress was made from when my oldest daughter got married, 11 1/2 years ago. I added the shiny, pleated, polka-dot trim. My dress was trimmed with pearls.

I did have to purchase more fabric to make the sash. I wanted it to be really big! The fabric below on the far left is what my over skirt and top were made from, a very pale yellow chiffon. The next fabric is what I purchased, a little darker yellow chiffon. Yeah, I know I said in my last post that it was the same shade of yellow, but it wasn't. However, when the pale yellow and the lining, which is the fabric on the far right, are together (the one next to the lining) the new fabric looks exactly the same shade. It's hard to tell here because they are on black fabric. Just trust me, it worked! The sash is made by lining the new chiffon with tulle to give it body. There is no lining fabric in the sash. You can see that they really do match on the dress.

I edged the hem of the chiffon with a shell stitch, which is actually a hem stitch done on the edge with the stitch that extends out going all the way off the edge and tightening the tension, as well.

I edged the lining with some cording to give it "stand outiveness." Yes, I know that's not a word, but every little girl likes dresses that "stand out", right? I also added a cotton lining with two layers of tulle gathered to give even more "stand outiveness." That's what I would have liked about this dress when I was four! That and the big, wide sash.

My husband is here tonight. He went with my cousin and a friend. I was glad he got to go. Now, if the University of Tennessee had been playing, I would have been with him. I'm having a hard time deciding which team I want to win. I guess, Florida, since they are in the SEC East Conference with us, and Alabama is in the SEC West Conference. However, from the looks of things in the third quarter, Alabama is going to run away with it!!

Now, on to my next project: a trunk full of dress-up clothes for Santa to give a little girl whose mom is my friend. This is a for $$ project. These are the fabrics that I will use to make her a bridal gown, a ballerina tutu, a rocker dress, a princess dress, and maybe another tacky dress or two.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh my goodness Julia, that dress is gorgeous! But you can keep the snow...

PaisleyJade said...

The snow looks so beautiful!! Sounds great about the guys cooking a cleaning at church too!!!

Jackie said...

The snow is just beautiful! I wish it would snow here. As it is though, I'm cold and snuggled up in 3 blankets. I'm truly now a Florida girl.

But not Gator type Florida...!

Salinda said...

love the dress.

same quandry about tonight's big game. lsu fans don't like florida because nobody likes florida and we don't like alabama because we don't like nick saban.

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

I want to be four again so that you can make a dress for me.

Susan said...

We had snow today too, but that's expected here in PA!

The yellow dress is BEAUTIFUL!

KID, MD said...

That dress is amazing!! I need to play with that stitch and learn to make shell tucks. They're such a beautiful touch. Our weatherman teased us with snow on Friday, but it didn't come. Houston got it instead. :-P

Rachel said...

Those are beautiful snow pictures. Send me some snow in south Alabama :)

Rachel said...

Hi Julia - I think you have every right to be excited about 2-3 inches of snow. It may not be as much as we got (goodness no!) but I'm sure it's unusual for Tennessee. And it looks pretty. And it's not causing too much trouble.

That little dress is so beautiful. I would have loved that when I was four years old, too!

mermaids said...

pretty, pretty dress! but you can keep the snow. :)

Claudia said...

The dress is so pretty, Julia! What little girl wouldn't want to wear that? Love your snow - what a treat for you. We got some yesterday - our first snow of the season.


gwensews said...

That is a beautiful dress, Julia. The shell edging is very upscale. VERY. Heirloom. Very nice sewing! Feel better soon.

Chicago Sarah said...

I love the cording to make the dress stand out, and the shell stitching. But OH the pretty...we are forecasted to have some of our own here soon. :) Hope you get some rest this afternoon and your cold goes away!

Kim said...

you got more snow there than we did up here in northern Minnesota! How can that be??? The dress is gorgeous- you are so talented Julia- I want to be 4 again too! Will you post pictures of the dress up clothes? I would really love to see them!

Khris said...

I LOVE the snow...being in Australia I dont get to see it...but when we visited the States both times we went in winter and boy did we get to see was awesome...I was thrilled and chilled to the bone..LOL
I really wish I could have snow every Christmas...its just beautiful. Hugs Khris

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