Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm All Stobbed Ub, but Life Keeps Happening Anyway!!

I have a tewubble cod and can't tauk vewy plainwy right now. I didn't go see my mom today because I don't want to give it to her. I didn't go yesterday because I had the following stuff going on:

My creativity this week has been geared toward making costumes for puppets for our children's Christmas program at church this coming Sunday.
First, we have Grandpa and Grandma dressed in the Snuggies that their kids gave them for Christmas last year, according to the story line, anyway.
In the program the two Grands are remembering their past Christmases. They remember special gifts they received, playing parts in the nativity pageant at their churches, etc.... The children act out these scenes between each event about which they reminisce.

One year they got married just before Christmas (this is somewhat autobiographical since my husband and I will be celebrating our anniversary soon). So the puppets will act out a short part of a wedding ceremony. The bride will look a little more put together on Sunday. I just kind of stuck her veil on for this photo. The groom's tux is all one piece. Part of it is sewn together and some of it is stuck together with double sided ironon adhesive. The buttons are glued on. It opens in the back. I don't worry too much about the perfection in my sewing when I'm making puppet clothing.

Of course, if you have a wedding there needs to be a preacher.

Thank goodness the next part isn't autobiographical. My husband and I celebrated our 18th birthdays in 1970, which was the first year that the lottery for the draft went into effect. My husband's birthday was drawn as number two hundred and something. So, we were lucky that he wasn't drafted. He would have gladly served our country in such a way if we had felt that the Viet Nam War was necessary, but we didn't. We had a lot of friends and family members who were in the military during that time period, though.
In our play, Grandpa remembers what it was like to be overseas at Christmas. He will sing the Bing Crosby version of "I'll Be Home For Christmas". Such a sad song! The soldier's hat is made from a plastic bowl covered with fleece.

Now, for some real sewing. I am in the process of making a princess dress for my Riley to wear to her 4th birthday party which will have a princess theme. I can't wait to see her cake, invitations, and decorations that my daughter will make. I am making it from the dress that I wore to her mom's wedding 11 1/2 years ago. I actually made my dress. I would show you my dress if I had a scanner or could get a good photo of a photo, but I tried and I can't. It was a two piece yellow chiffon dress. At least the over skirt and top were chiffon. The underskirt and top were made from a soft yellow knit fabric that was probably some kind of polyester or something. It worked well with the chiffon. I trimmed it with pearl trim and buttons.
Here's the bodice so far for Riley's dress. I had the shiny yellow organza trim. It is pleated rather than gathered. It has tiny white polka dots on it. I decided that I needed more of the chiffon than what I had because I want to make a big sash that ties in the back. Can you believe that I found the same exact color of chiffon at Hobby Lobby today!?!

I didn't feel like going shopping with this cold, but I had to take the car to have an oil hose replaced. I drive a Toyota, and I got a notice that this hose had been recalled. So, I took the car. And since I had to drive 30 miles to another town I decided to try to find a dress that I could wear to my niece's wedding and to an event we are going to tomorrow night for a local charity. I found a great dress at Ross the Boss. I'd never been there before, and I was impressed. It's kind of like TJMax, but a little more organized. So, I found a dress, but it is sleeveless, and I don't do sleeveless, so I had to go to the mall to find a cardigan to go with it. After looking in several stores and not finding anything I liked, I decided to leave. On my way out of the first store I had gone in there was this perfect cardigan with a black pearl trim. Why I didn't see it the first time I walked right past it, I don't know!! I have the perfect earrings and bracelet to go with it!! I'll take pictures and post them soon.
Since I was out and about anyway, and since there is only a Walmart and Catos in my little town, I decided to go to Hobby Lobby to check on fabric, and lo and behold they had the yellow chiffon I needed.
I also had some stuff to do at Staples, which we also don't have, so I went ahead and got that done. Whew! I am so tired and stobbed ub and can't breefff.
Thank goodness, my husband suggested that since he was going to Walmart to get the bicycle that they are loaning our church for our children's program that he would pick up chicken and veggies to take over to share with his mom and dad. No cooking or cleaning to do!!! Yea!!! But, when we got to their house, we found that his mom had fallen just a few minutes before, so he and his dad have taken her to the over night clinic in the same town I had been in all day. Her arms and hands hurt her. I hope nothing is broken, but we need to be sure. Also, she bruised the side of her face and eye. Maybe my FIL will encourage her to use the wheelchair that they just got for her, now that she has fallen again. She doesn't want to use it, and he doesn't want to make her.
Now, for some hot chocolate or tea or whatever I can find (My new background is called warm cider), a warm blanket, since I don't have a Snuggie, (no that's not a hint that I want one, either) and a good book.


Gail said...

Great post Julia. There is a very interesting lecture series 2009 Boyer Lectures in which the head of the Australian armed forces Major Peter Cosgrove explains why he is opposed to conscription and why it NEVER should have occured in the Vietnam War. He is particularly articulate on the unfairness of the birthday lottery system which was used in Australia too. My cousin missed out by one day!

Rachel said...

I love the puppet clothing and I have been fighting being stopped up too. I have had a sinus infection for a month. I hope you feel better.

Cindy said...

Ok - what's going on? All of us are sick. You, Rachel, my daughter, me, 4 students canceled today and 2 tomorrow because of illness. This is crazy!

I want to see the puppet show. :) cute costumes. I bet you had fun sewing them not having to worry about perfection and all.

Feel better soon!

gwensews said...

Your puppets are divine! They have such personalities! Feel better soon. Sending you good vibes.

Jackie said...

I hope you feel better soon.

The puppets are just gorgeous as is the clothing you made for them.

Myra said...

Hope you feel better soon. The yellow dress looks great.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Julia...
Sweetie thank you for stopping by today. I so enjoy it when a new visitor pops by. I am thrilled you loved my blog. I so love your puppets. What a wonderful way to reach the kids. So much fun, and they are just precious. Love it.

Sorry to hear that you have a cold. I will be praying for you to get better soon.

My husband was a Marine in the Vietnam War. A terrible thing for our guys, as they came home to hate instead of America welcoming them home, and being happy they were alive. It was so horrible. We don't talk about it.

Have a beautiful evening sweetie. Stop back by soon.

Country hugs and love...Sherry

Martha said...

How cute!!! I love the snuggies. That is too funny. Great job as always

Faye Lewis said...

Hurry up and doctor yourself up! If I were there I'd make you a toddy!

KID, MD said...

Great costumes for the puppets!! So cute! Man, for a sick gal you sure are still getting a ton done. You go! I hope you are feeling better soon.

Kinderfalls Primitives said...

I hope you're feeling better soon Julia. I love the puppets and all of their outfits. The kids at church are very lucky to have someone as talented as you to make gorgeous things for their enjoyment. Have a great weekend. Pam xx

Trudy Callan said...

What great puppets. I hope you are better soon

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better! My kids would love the pupperts.

Little Sewing Alcove said...

beautiful work!! Hope you feel much better!! take care of yourself...

Little Sewing Alcove said...

Julia, my husband and I were also celebrating just turning 18...his number was 360...! I remember that day well...we both cried.

mermaids said...

cute puppets!!

Goosegirl said...

Julia, you are AMAZING!!!! Those puppets are so cute and their outfits are great. I wish I could see the puppet show as I know it will be great!

You are one busy, busy girl! I hope your life slows down a little bit. And I can't wait to see pics of the Princess dress too!

Khris said...

wow Julia those puppets are great...well done..hugs Khris

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