Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Great News! Surprising Generosity!! And A Live Christmas Tree!

I just got news that my cousin, who was having a mass removed from his lung this morning, does NOT have cancer!!!! Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!!! They did remove a lobe of his lung because it had a fungus in it, and if they just removed that mass, it could present problems with that lobe in the future. He will be in intensive care a few days, then in a regular room a few days, then home to recuperate!!! Thank you for your prayers.

Now, for the surprising generosity!! See that bicycle in the background of this photo? (Yes, that is me) Walmart let us borrow it for our program Sunday night. That in itself was a big surprise for me. I just took a chance and called to ask. The manager was very friendly and his response was, "When can you come to get it?"
Well, my husband actually picked it up. They gave him a receipt that showed that we didn't owe anything on the bike. They told him to be sure and hold on to it so that when he brought the bike back they would know that it had been a loaner. Well, my husband gave me the receipt and of course, I lost it!! So, I called Walmart and asked to speak to the same manager. He said that we didn't need the receipt, and by the way, "That bicycle belongs to you and your church to do whatever you want with it." I was blown away to say the least. We are taking it to the local police department which heads up the Toys for Tots here.

And here's our live Christmas tree!!! I didn't post a picture of the tree costume that I made when I posted the puppet costume pictures. This young man is a "ham" and a half!!! He asked if he could be the tree. I was thinking we would just use an artificial one, but I thought, "Why not?" He is so funny, smart, and cute!! He is a real trooper, too. Guess what's under the tree making it stand out? My daughter's crinoline that she wore under her wedding dress!!! The other children came out and decorated him at the beginning of the program!! I also sewed tubing into the bottom to make it stand out some. It just wasn't enough.

I almost have the bride dress-up gown done. I need to get with it!!!


Kim said...

Julia- I will join you in your praise the Lord. I am happy to hear good news like this- my best wishes to him for a perfect recovery. How wonderful that the bicycle was donated- and that it will be passed on to a child in need. This is the true spirit of christmas and helps when all around there are cranky stressed out people. Let us all remember what this holiday is really all about and start spreading some love. Love the living tree- so cute! I really can't wait to see the wedding dress :) Merry christmas to you♥♥

KID, MD said...

That is awesome! All of it! I'm glad that your cousin had good news. How amazing is that of Walmart! I think it is great that despite the fact that they are a large corporation, the local manager was able to give that bike to you. How cool. And live Christmas tree is the best ever!

Kirsty said...

Such wonderful miracle! And what a lovely story about the bike. I love your "live" Christmas tree. What creativity :)

gwensews said...

HE does give back to those who give. Your story is proof. I am glad for your cousin and his family. Such a relief! And hey--we hear so many negatives about WalMart that I'm happy to hear something good about them. Amazing story.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh Julia, that is such a praise report! And what a nice thing for Walmart to do :-)

mermaids said...

it is always nice to hear stories of generosity. despite the doom and gloom on the news, there are some really good people in the world

Claudia said...

I am so glad to hear the news about your cousin. What a relief for everyone! And the story of the bicycle is perfect - it is nice to see the spirit of giving is alive and well!


Back Porch Blessings said...

Thanks for your prayers Julia you are a dear friend to me.
I am so glad to hear that all turned out well for your relative, God is good.

Go Walmart, sweeeet......

The live Christmas tree is too cute. What a creative idea.

My sewing room is getting closer to being done. I will post pics when it is.
Hugs, Kathy

Little Sewing Alcove said...

What a miracle God has given your cousin and your family! Loved the bike story and the live Christmas tree!! How Fun!

Trudy Callan said...

God is good. So happy to hear the good news about your cousin and also the bike.

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