Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A couple tops for me and my peonies

 So, here's the shrug that I have made to wear to my two nephews' wedding the next two weekends.  I am not wild about the drape in the front, but it really looks a little better on me than it does on my friend here.  I still don't have a name for her.  I'm going to post one of those voting poll thingys on my side bar and let ya'll pick her name.
 I like my brown flower.  This is like ribbon that was on a spool.  I just arranged it in a clump and stitched it down.
 I think I'll try to stand with my back to most people the nights of the weddings, because I like the back of the shrug much more than I do the front.  The pleats were supposed to only be sewn down along the center back, but I didn't like the way it drooped, so I stitched them down every inch and a half or so.
 This is a top that i have made to go with this skirt that I purchased last year.  I really like the skirt, but I have not found anything that I really like to go with it.  I also made an orange top.  I thought I took a photo of it, too, but it wasn't on my camera when I downloaded these, so I guess I didn't.  Anyway, I think I like the purple better.  One of the nephews is having a Carribean themed rehearsal dinner.  I think I'll wear this.  I also have  a yellow tshirt that I like that I may wear instead.  Or, I might wear the orange one.  Who knows?
 Here's a close-up of one of my peonies.  I love these flowers!
 This one has the most blooms that are already open.
 This one is a little behind, but it is going to have the most blooms of all.
This one is outside my sewing room window.  I sit facing this window when I sew.  So far, I can't really see the open blooms very well when I'm sitting.  But, I see some blooms that will be just in my line of vision when they open up!  I can't wait.  Like I said in my last post.  When we moved in this house, there was one peony that my husband's grandmother or aunt planted.  I wanted to move it, and when I did, it broke apart into several plants, so I separated them and replanted.  I've done that a few times, and now I have 11 plants.  I will probably separate these one more time to fill in the space between them, and then just let them grow.  These are on the back of my house, so no one driving by can see them, but I can.  They are right off of our deck, and as I said above, one of them is right outside of my sewing room window.
I did plant three in the front of the house, but I'm not sure they'll get enough sunlight there.   We'll see.  I just did that a couple of days ago.


Trudy Callan said...

Your tops are gorgeous. I love the drape of the shrug and the deep purple of the blouse. I named my dress form after a great grandmother, Mittie May. My machine is named after my mom's mom, Betty Jo. And my serger after my other great grandmother, Opal.

Needled Mom said...

The shrug looks really nice and will be the perfect cover up. I love the pleats in the back!!!

Peonies have to be one of my favorite flowers and we can't grow them in our climate. I just love how beautiful they are.

KID, MD said...

So great to see you sew for yourself! Nice details on the shrug.

Gail said...

Julia, You're using the 'me' word again! Seriously your tops are fabulous. I love the detailing on the back of the shrug and the colour purple is beautiful.

Jackie said...

You always make really wonderful modifications when you sew. The added pleats on the back really give the shrug an entirely different look. I love it!

Perfect outfit for the island themed rehearsal dinner! You should put a peony in your hair too!

Faye Lewis said...

Beautiful flowers and tops!

MushyWear said...

I love the pretty fabrics you have used for your top and shrug. The purple matches your skirt perfectly. I love the unique design and color of the shrug. You will look great from all angles in this. I had a couple of peonies in Oregon. I really miss flowers like these. Yours are beautiful. Does your variety have a scent?

Kim said...

The shrug looks so pretty Julia- I love the back too. I like the purple top also- it contrasts so beautifully with the skirt. I would choose the purple for sure!

Anonymous said...

it's been awhile since i've checked in and i'm hoping everything is ok for you. i know you live near the areas affected by the tornadoes. i hope you are safe and warm and that all your loved ones are accounted for.

Teri said...

This is so vintage! Loving the style.. Love the poll your taking I named my Forms to. I had my office name one it was fun.. Claire, Abigail and Savanah. I hope you ok Julia we live in SC and it was quite a day watching this go on and knowig it was moving our way. My heart is hurting for your community. Please let me know If I could do somthing to help you!!!!!!

gwensews said...

Your shrug is delightful. Love the embellishment. Hope you didn't feel the effects of this horrendous tornadoes.

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