Monday, August 30, 2010

3rd Birthday Pictures and a few more............

Here's Lil' E with her balloons.  You can see the festive birthday decorations behind her. 
As you see, the girls had matching flamingo pillowcase dresses that I made.  I couldn't resist this fabric at JoAnn's.
Lil' E's aunt, one of my other daughters, made the invitations and cupcake toppers.  Some had E's, some had 3's, and some were adorned with flamingos.  Lil' E wanted blue cake with pink icing.  Her mom made pastel orange and green icing, too.  The colors were picked from a striped tray that my daughter has that she likes to use for parties.

You can see that we made and put flamingos on the party hats and on the wall.   Lil' E tries a hat on her favorite doll that she's had since she was a newborn.  (This is really the 4th one of this doll.  Because of Lil' E's allergies, Molly gets washed ALOT, so she wears out quickly.) A yellow one for baby sis has been ordered.                                                                                      
Here's Lil' E using the new gift from her mom and dad.  Her dad is an avid and really GOOD golfer.  They have already taken our newborn grand to the driving range.  So, Lil' E got her own, real, set of golf clubs.  This picture is a little blurry, but you can see Lil' E taking a swing at the driving range.  Her golf bag is in the front left corner of the picture.       
Now, for some other pictures.  Here's Lil' E giving her new little sis her first kiss in the hospital.                                                    
       She looks like a tired little mommy in this picture holding little one.  This chair was losing all of it's little foam beads when I got there, so I made a new INSIDE cover for it.  Now the beads stay put, and with a freshly washed outer cover, it's as good as new.  

In this last picture, Little one is on the quilt that her Aunt Malinda, my cousin, made for her.  It is so pretty and soft.  It is backed with yellow seersucker!  Love it!                                                


KID, MD said...

So cute!! It looks like y'all had a fun time.

Trudy Callan said...

The girls look so cute. Love their matching outfits.


MushyWear said...

What little blessings. The flamingo matching outfits are just adorable and all the party decorations look so inviting. Thanks for sharing. I can almost taste a cupcake!

Kim said...

how cute!!! I love the cupcakes- too sweet-- and their little outfits!! My favorite picture is of Little E and her sis in the pink chair ♥

ShirleyC said...

Precious little girls. I know you had fun.

Liesl said...

What lovely photos. The matching outfits are really sweet!

Gail said...

This granddaughter reminds me so much of my eldest when she was little - especially those gorgeous big eyes. Loved the picture of the crossed legs, sitting back on the couch.

Jackie said...

Love the matching pillowcase dresses! How cute they both are!

Kathy said...

You are so blessed Julia!! the matching flamingo dresses....!!

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